makeup brush carrier

i've discovered the magic of using makeup brushes. this means that i needed something to store & carry them all in; i bike to work most days, which means my makeup comes with me. i decided to create a simple carrier & post a tutorial - it seems like it's been a while.

what you need:
1/2 yard of fabric (lightweight)

1. cut a 13" x 32" rectangle & 15" x 2" strip of fabric
2. fold rectangle in half with right sides facing in
3. fold edge c up 5.5 inches. place your desired brushes & pin the appropriate gathering for them to fit in section c. With the brushes & pins in place trim edge a. this should create a slight angle that will allow for the extra fabric.
4. unpin & unfold fabric. sew a straight stitch down sides a & b. turn right side out & iron.
5. fold a .5" hem on edge c & sew a straight stitch.
6. bring edge c (now hemmed) up 5.5" toward edge d with the hem facing in.
7. stitch side b - now 10" - with 2 parallel straight stitches
8. sew straight stitches in appropriate intervals for your brushes (1.25 for eye brushes, 2 for blush or larger brushes) reinforce the top & bottom of those stitches.
9. iron strip into thirds & do one straight stitch down the center of the tri-fold (catching both edges)
10. fold edge e over twice toward the exposed edge, stitch.
11. pin unfinished end of strip just below the hem on side a.
12. stitch side a - now 10" - with 2 parallel straight stitches

helpful hints:
1. have your brushes on hand to ensure the right fit

i have posted pics of the entire process along with captions that repeat these instructions. you can also open a larger version of the pattern below by clicking directly on it.


Kloth & Bolt said...

wow, what a great idea! -kb

Sooz said...

THis is so cute! I'm gonna have to make one. thanks for the tut! Love the blog..

Anonymous said...

i just made 2 of these! they are cute! but just curious what do u put in the big slot to the left? thanks!

Dottie said...

i didn't end up putting anything in there for now, but i thought it might be a nice spot for a mirror.