flower cluster - a broach, belt & hair piece tutorial

they are everywhere from j. crew to new york fashion week, the applique flower. remember this girl; she's the one that started it for me. remember this little belt at urban; it gave me the latest idea. this is going to teach you how to make linen flower clusters that can then be made into a hair piece, broach or belt.

for a picture led tutorial - click here. the beginning is for a flower & feather headband; after step 6, move to 7a for the clusters

what you need:
pearls or small beads
linen or other lightweight fabric
1-2 yards 3/8" velvet ribbon
pin back
clip or barrett
glue (craft or bookbinding glue will work fine)

1. cut linen into 17 circles of various sizes
2. stack the circles from small to large - two groups of 6, one of 5
3. thread your needle with a similar color thread & come up through the center of the stack. bring back dow & repeat one more time.
4. fold the stack in half & thread through close to the fold. this will create some gathering. fold in the opposite direction & repeat.
5. from the bottom, come up straight through the stack & thread the cluster of beads, one at a time.
6. after beading the center you may find that the flower is laying flat again. you will want to bring the needle through various sections & numbers of the circles to gather them together (avoid the top one so that you don't see the stitches). this will create some random scrunching & volume.

7. repeat steps 3-6, to create 3 flowers total.
8. assemble the three flowers in a pattern that you want them clustered. connecting two at a time, tack them together through the bottom two layers of the flowers. make sure that your tacking doesn't appear on the top of them.
9. cut a piece of matching fabric that will cover the tacking & stitched centers of each flower.
10. position pin backing on fabric backing. stitch & secure.
11. dab glue on each flower center & in the middle of the cluster. place fabric backing over the back of the flower cluster, let the glue dry (1 hour)
12. position the clip below the pin backing & begin sewing the narrow end through the first couple layers of the flower cluster. maybe 5 loops for each side of the clip.
13. staying under the fabric backing, pull the thread to the opposite side of the clip.
14. secure the back of the clip by stitching underneath the top piece & under the full clip. loop around 6 times.
15. tie off the loop & knot your thread.
16. tack the fabric backing & the bottom layers of your cluster, i'd say about every 1/2". tie off your tacking in a place hidden by other flower layers.
17. glue the back portion of your clip to the fabric backing.

this lovely cluster has multiple uses: pull back one side of your hair for a dramatic look, attach to your favorite cardigan or blazer, or find a pretty piece of velvet ribbon & create a belt to go over your favorite simple tank or dress.


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