kanye & i are fighting

kanye west did a remix of peter bjorn & john's young folks with dj plain pat. how can one of my favorite songs be completely destroyed by my future lover & favorite producer/rapper?! wahhh.

featured on graphic design blog

my entry about the i.d. misprint was featured on northamptonshire england based, graphics design blog. fun fun.


cranes & ice cream

teresa & i went out for the day with ming to shoot some pics. it was a great way to spend memorial day; it was my first time to west seattle & t's first time to the sculpture park. i believe ming is holding out on some of the pics, but we must let him do his thang!

the apron

teresa received my first attempt at wrap aprons. i made this a while ago, but was unable to photograph it until sunday (when she made us a huge brunch). i wanted to do an orange bias tape, but decided against it for the first apron. i think it turned out nicely, but am excited to break out a couple more.

i would also like to add that my tag (stitched circle or dot) lead a friend to asking "did you make teresa's apron?" bring on the branding.


can i have a quote?

on my usual how blog browse noticed midwestern based, design guys. their identity (based strongly on a paint by numbers bird picture) lured me in & their portfolio kept me interested. they've done a lot of great work for eames, neenah paper & target.

i am also intrigued by staff quotes; this one has me racking my brain to figure out what movie it is from, "what is a horse shoe? what does a horse shoe do? are there any horse socks? is anybody listening to me?" i want to have a quote on their page.


kuler color

i first saw this website when someone on the bus was using it & i kept staring at the pallet change as he moved his fingers across the mouse touch pad. last week i stumbled on it again on the how blog. kuler was created by adobe labs to allow it's users to create color schemes, view others & download the swatches for adobe creative suite.

the interface is really user friendly & aesthetically appealing. you can also search & create pallets many different ways. you can search by keyword, most popular or newest & create by analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound, shades or custom.

i'm using it to find color combos for the new apartment.


i.d. magazine

after a exhausting, stressful, yet relieving weekend, divya & i enjoyed a nice long pedicure. i usually opt for celebrity or fashion magazines in this sort of occasion, but decided to pick up i.d. magazine. it was a very interesting issue, covering things from designing for senior citizens to 6 designer's take on the ideal setting for sex. i did however notice that my issue (maybe all) had some repeat text in their article about design schools and their catalogues. the two page spread had identical text on both sides, online you can read the whole story. where do things like this get missed?

i.d. is on the list on magazine subscriptions once i'm in the new apartment.


trees & birds

now that molly has received this, i can post it. another simple design that can make it's way onto cards & stuff.

i need to figure out how to prepare my images for the internets better, i feel so inadequate when it comes to file prep.