craigslist finds

dining table, $450; sunburst wall sculpture, $240.


orange you red?

i'm feeling orange, i'm feeling red - i'm loving it all together. clockwise from top left:
1. christian et cie
2. another sergio
3. kekka
4. iris_14
5. supercapacity
6. george pollard

etsy wednesday

morelle makes beautiful linen & canvas goods: scarves, purses, beach bags, clutches & totes. katie started this one person shop in amsterdam; her pieces from this shop range from $25 to $75.


the selby

it's making it's way across blogland & i'm just hopping on the boat. the selby features lovely shots of people in their spaces.

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a lover of all things beautiful - check out design dig.


little birdies

i finally had a minute to make these adorable birds from spool sewing. it was the perfect project for a lazy sunday afternoon; the pattern is very easy to follow & it allowed me to use up some fabric scraps.

found typography

i pass this apartment building at least once a week. i love the chosen type & the color! ohhh orange & yellow, it looks so good against the tree & black gate.


your face - my face

i sent london-based illustrator damien weighill this photo, he drew this picture & posted it at his blog, your face. i'm a little shocked at this cat body, bart thinks it's hilarious.

taken from his about:

"real people don't read your blog. a fact that i wasn't made aware of when i signed up for these things; it now seems so obvious.

if you are reading this and you do happen to be a real person then why not send me a photo (one which includes your real face) and i will draw a picture of you and post it here to serve as everlasting proof that sometimes facts are wrong."


i'll adopt this

“i have the choice of being constantly active and happy or introspectively passive and sad. or i can go mad by ricocheting in between.”

a quote from sylvia plath in the journals of sylvia plath. i love this & have just put the journals & the bell jar on my library hold list.

image above from paul paper.

doodles - seattle street art

you may remember a found goodness post that featured two adorable people outside the SAM - well, i found our guy. doodles, duh, it says so right on the shirt! you have to check out his photostream, it's out of control, i want a commissioned piece. what do you say doodles?

music to listen to

well, it's another youtube music to listen to friday. grand ole party will be playing at the capitol hill block party tomorrow & i'm hoping to be front row for this show.

others on my list: fleet foxes, chromeo, kimya dawson & devotcka.


wordle smerdle

yeah yeah - i'm not the first to post it, i didn't discover, but i did do it - so there. wordle takes a website or cluster of text, randomizes it & then you get to choose layout, font & color. fun fun.

some of my favorite clusters:
may want kids (what is happening!?)
girlfriend collection
amazing problem
fact check

craigslist finds

a couple of cheap finds. i may pick the first set up for myself, i've got a call in. the only problem is that i may not need both, anyone want to go halfsies?

pair of eames style office chairs, $50; aluminum patio chairs, $50 each.


etsy wednesday

wow - kids & weddings in one day - this doesn't mean anything* - i swear. but twigs & honey carry some beautiful head pieces & broaches. i am fascinated with feather, flower & beaded head pieces lately, for weddings or not. myra callan is based out of salem & it seems that custom orders range from $15 - $55.

*i may have to blame it on the fact that one girlfriend is getting married & another is opening a bridal store - i seem to be even more on the lookout for pretty wedding stuff.

tamara muth - king

tamara muth-king takes the most amazing photographs of children. the colors & the environment of the images are so clean & sweet. let's talk about these kids too! some are giving looks like 50 year olds trapped in toddler bodies, others seem so innocent & curious. swoon - kind of makes me want to have some.


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start drawing - the asia art portal. this collection of artists & their work is my new place for inspiration. you must check it out!

above illustrations: 1 & 2 from dongyun lee, 3 from brian vallesteros.

fabric-stitched notecard sale

these 5-packs of hand-stitched cards (blank or thank you) are now on sale for just $9. snatch 'em up!


flower rings in the etsy shop

i have a couple rings in my etsy shop! just $10 for these sweet little things. if you are interested in making your own, you can order the cabochons (flower pieces) & bases from atomic veggie or other etsy retailers.

found art

i didn't find anything of note this weekend - i think i walked around with my eyes closed. today my found goodness post will be of other people's discoveries.

1 - la michele
2 - bmann
3 - pinkhare


this is the last one - i promise

some days i just can't stop - i find things that i want to share - quit picking on me.

kanye west - he's so styley.

jeans i want form j. crew.

beautifully colored photograph.

the photography of james merrell.

reality check - motivating prints from orange beautiful.

above photo courtesy of love forever - a salvage yard in berkeley.

design for mankind - featured reader

thanks to erin at design for mankind - it's such an honor to be featured.

music to listen to

no amazon today - they didn't have this underground goodness available. pretty good dance moves was featured on day 2 of the kexp live in chicago broadcast. i'm searching for a way to hear it now - until then - watch this video in addition to the above.

sew this table

this table is so perfect - maybe i can find a smaller scale way to do this for myself - featured on apartment therapy.


consider them boughten

i love them, in an unhealthy way even. i'm going to buy them asap - i love $25 shoes that will only be reasonable for cab nights in the summer/fall of 08.

we share our mother's health

killer ratatat remix of the knife's, we share our mother's health. i heard this on the war room patio last week; the dj didn't know what the track was (yeah, what a doozer) - i knew it was ratatat, so i did some google magic & found it myself.

craigslist finds

i'm completely smitten with these two items - smitten i tell you.

mid century dining chairs, $65 each; wire basket lockers, $400 each or $750 for both.


the new slang

yup, it's one of those days - one of those days where i need some serious evening sun in northern michigan, riding my bike down a country road with feist playing in my head (or from the skies as far as i'm concerned). oh baby, the wings are wide.

after slicing the ball of my foot open tubing on saturday, last night i stepped right on a binder clip that stabbed directly into the wound. my foot is killing me, my knees are shot & i can't quit thinking about what to do next with my life.

i'm grouchy. i miss my parent's house on the lake, my family & pontoon rides before dinner. i miss a time when rent was $275 for a room in a beautiful craftsman & i lived with my 2 besties. i miss bartending & serving - i miss the grilled cyprus cheese & triple shot espressos that helped me through the night. i miss big girls & little girls - i miss the birg dog & eric.

i found amanda antilla's photos last week & was enamored with her seattle shots. with further exploration i found even more beautiful images of her, her trips & the world around her. while all are composed so well, some of them make me laugh, some put things in perspective & others make me feel like the world is so beautiful that my silly foot shouldn't get me down.

the above photo taken by the talented antilla (aka the new slang on flickr).

etsy wednesday

royal buffet (comprised of friends mollie & annie) makes garlands & other goods from a limited supply of vintage, french magazines. everything feels feminine, aged to perfection & oh so beautiful. garlands & mobiles range from $9 - $28.


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pacific-standard is a breath of fresh air for me in a blogland that exists mainly of nice interiors, amazing illustrators, fashion & craftiness (again, for me). as a graphic designer & creative director based in brooklyn with strong connections to the pacific nw & seattle, strath offers a collection of personal experiences, beautiful print work, editorial layout & creative direction, photographers, articles & general good design that make me take a step back. check out his flickr & website for an even deeper look into this strath shepard's great eye & remarkable taste.


free desktop wallpaper

stilldottie designs

my latest stuffs - what goes around comes around. i'm hoping to get this printed soon - not the digital kind either. maybe even canvas totes? hmmmm.

click here for desktop wallpaper.

rye rye - shake it to the ground

love this girl - her video screams teenager (in a good way, she's just 17) & i can only wish i could dance like her. enjoy the vid for a little bit of dancey energy this monday.

rye rye just got done touring with m.i.a. & has a new album coming out soon.

found graphics

the saint on capitol hill. the drinks are pricey & it seems a little out of place - but i love the colors & signage. i must also mention that the shrimp dish was really good.


can i live here?

this is one of the most beautiful, homey, classy, romantic & fascinating homes i've ever scene. it that of lyn gardener, owner of empire vintage in melbourne, australia. beware - there are a lot of images to follow.

maybe i just prefer to lunch?

thank you to white & wander for the intro & the taverne-agency for the photos.