josh cochrane

josh cochrane is an illustrator, based out of los angeles, that i stumbled upon a couple weeks ago. his work is detailed but seems really clean & easy to grasp. his work ranges from editorial to advertisements; his clients include the new york times & hornall anderson (seattle based marketing & design firm).

the thing i enjoy most about cochrane's website is his blog. he takes the time to walk through the thought process or tell a story explaining each project he is working on. the voice in his writing is as if he were a friend giving you a tour through his home office.

i'd like to buy the above print, but i'm not quite sure where i would put it. maybe in my hallway with a hook below for my umbrellas.


lavender & weddings

as a handmade part of a gift for justin & yachi (who got married a couple weekends ago), stina & i joined forces for these sweet little lavender sachets. i received a big bunch of dried lavender from a coworker in august & decided to hand grind the lavender & use for sachets. after getting the lavender ready all i needed to do was:

1. cut 4 - 3.5"x3.5" squares of fabric (embroidery done at this point)
2. sew .25" hems on one side of each square
3. take two of the 4 pieces with patterns facing & sew .25" seams on the three, non-hemmed sides to make a 3"x3" pocket (repeat 3 for second sash)
4. flip right side out & fill 3/4 full with lavender
5. sew along the seamed edges (i did 4 scattered lines) to close the pockets


park(ing) day in seattle

my firm created a park(ing) space in south lake union. the event was done in coordination with rebar & the trust for public land, a part of park(ing) day 2007.

see us on youtube!


playlist of today

here are some of my favorite songs of the moment:

the knife - heartbeats - deep cuts
bat for lashes - prescilla - fur & gold
cut chemist - the garden - the audience is listening
feist - i feel it all - the reminder
arcade fire - keep the car running - neon bible
glue - never really know - catch as catch can
jay-z - heart of the city - jay-z unplugged
ghostface killah - be easy - fishscale
blue scholars - sagaba remix - the long march ep
common ft lily allen - drivin' me wild - finding forever
kanye west - the good life - graduation
fujiya miyagi - collarbone - transparent things


apartment therapy

i sent in some photos of my window & dining area of my place to apartment therapy for suggestions. i got some good advice from the people of at san francisco & readers; it looks like i may have some work to do. i'm not quite sure i want to paint, but have been thinking about replacing my dining set for a while.

don't i have anything better to do?


good life

i haven't bought kanye's newest cd yet, because i've been slightly annoyed with the 50 cent hype & have also been disappointed by stronger, the young folks remix & can't tell me nothin'. but this song & video featuring t-pain is soooo tight. he's back on my good side, i might have to buy the album tonight.

i'd like to addthe kanye track, homecoming ft chris martin to my playlist. thanks casey, "fireworks over lake michigan."


magnets & such

i've been meaning to get something to display pictures & prints above my desk. while at home depot i decided to pick up some 8" by 5" galvanized steal panels to complete the task. i simply used mounting tape to attached the panels to my wall & it seems to be sturdy enough to hold my stuff.


you are not amy winehouse

seems that pointless flowcharts are all the rage. i find the one above particularly funny, seeing that she cancelled the show i had tickets too. booo.