a few days off

i'll be taking thursday & friday off for the holidays. ok - it has little to do with the holidays & more with the growing list of things to do (that does not involve any early friday morning excursions). i'm doing my own holiday cards again this year & prepping for i heart rummage on dec 21. other than that, i'm hoping to get in some nice fall walks, bike rides & relaxation.

until next week lovelies. in the meantime, take a minute & let these slick tunes put you in the mood.

etsy wednesday

bungalow has the cutest collection of vintage inspired ribbon & silk necklaces & hair pieces. i can't get enough of these feminine details. most of her products fall in the $18 - $24 range.


patrick leger

i love these nice limited color illustrations by patrick leger. you can check out the north carolinian's blog too.

via booooom!

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party perfect is a great resource for all of you who love hosting & entertaining. sara hicks malone finds the best ideas & inspiration for table settings, food, decorations, themes & party details. i love love it.


found space

bart & i headed to the international district on saturday afternoon to do some exploring; wing luke asian museum, kobo shop & gallery, momo & the kinokuniya book store. wing luke was a gorgeous space, the relfection rooms/stairwells especially. the george tsukawa exhibit was interesting as well as the photographs of 1920s cannery workers; some of the others seemed unfinished or thrown together without a lot of heart. i recommend going, but i say it's an experience about the space & the architectural & design details.

i also recommend visiting neighboring stores kobo & momo, both have fun inventory. i picked up a cute egg press card & some soaps, a great place for a pretty gift.

if you still have some energy (you'll need a lot), stop by kinokuniya book store for a sheet of puffy stickers, japanese crafting books or some of chronicle books latest artist collections.

flower cluster - a broach, belt & hair piece tutorial

they are everywhere from j. crew to new york fashion week, the applique flower. remember this girl; she's the one that started it for me. remember this little belt at urban; it gave me the latest idea. this is going to teach you how to make linen flower clusters that can then be made into a hair piece, broach or belt.

for a picture led tutorial - click here. the beginning is for a flower & feather headband; after step 6, move to 7a for the clusters

what you need:
pearls or small beads
linen or other lightweight fabric
1-2 yards 3/8" velvet ribbon
pin back
clip or barrett
glue (craft or bookbinding glue will work fine)

1. cut linen into 17 circles of various sizes
2. stack the circles from small to large - two groups of 6, one of 5
3. thread your needle with a similar color thread & come up through the center of the stack. bring back dow & repeat one more time.
4. fold the stack in half & thread through close to the fold. this will create some gathering. fold in the opposite direction & repeat.
5. from the bottom, come up straight through the stack & thread the cluster of beads, one at a time.
6. after beading the center you may find that the flower is laying flat again. you will want to bring the needle through various sections & numbers of the circles to gather them together (avoid the top one so that you don't see the stitches). this will create some random scrunching & volume.

7. repeat steps 3-6, to create 3 flowers total.
8. assemble the three flowers in a pattern that you want them clustered. connecting two at a time, tack them together through the bottom two layers of the flowers. make sure that your tacking doesn't appear on the top of them.
9. cut a piece of matching fabric that will cover the tacking & stitched centers of each flower.
10. position pin backing on fabric backing. stitch & secure.
11. dab glue on each flower center & in the middle of the cluster. place fabric backing over the back of the flower cluster, let the glue dry (1 hour)
12. position the clip below the pin backing & begin sewing the narrow end through the first couple layers of the flower cluster. maybe 5 loops for each side of the clip.
13. staying under the fabric backing, pull the thread to the opposite side of the clip.
14. secure the back of the clip by stitching underneath the top piece & under the full clip. loop around 6 times.
15. tie off the loop & knot your thread.
16. tack the fabric backing & the bottom layers of your cluster, i'd say about every 1/2". tie off your tacking in a place hidden by other flower layers.
17. glue the back portion of your clip to the fabric backing.

this lovely cluster has multiple uses: pull back one side of your hair for a dramatic look, attach to your favorite cardigan or blazer, or find a pretty piece of velvet ribbon & create a belt to go over your favorite simple tank or dress.


music to listen to

kexp never lets me down. this week they introduce me to school of seven bells, a brooklyn based group that met in 2004 while on tour with their own bands, on!air!libraries! & secret machine. i highly recommend picking up alpinisms, i'm not quite sure why i like it so much, but i think it has something to do with the airy vocals & dancey beats. it's the kind of music you play when you are driving up to the mountains early in the morning; it allows you to wake up & get pumped at the same time. it feels like a sunny, winter day.

it's worth noting that they are playing at neumo's on tuesday, nov 25.


this is ridiculous

i can hardly breath, i feel so superficial & materialistic, i'm distracted, there is money burning holes in more than my pockets. i've been suckered into thinking that i need to buy more clothes, from gorgeous blog posts at creature comforts, street style fashion blogs, wardrobe remix on flickr, the girl above, gossip girl episodes & my always well-dressed girlfriends, i can't avoid feeling that i have nothing to wear. i need to spend a day in my closet figuring out what i really need (i use this term lightly, as in "i don't have to have anything, i simply want a lot.) to make my wardrobe complete for this seattle winter.

i've been working on the staples for a year or two: black pumps, riding boots, flats, city sneaks, pea coat, empire waste evening jacket, velvet blazer, pencil skirt, black trousers, wide leg jeans, skinny jeans & day to night dresses. hell, i've even done pretty well with trendy accessories: skinny belts, wide belts, bell shaped sweater, bright cardigans, long cardigans, scarves, bright color clutches, linen tuxedo tops & printed dresses. although, i do have to blame the last year's 10 lbs for the disappearance of (or uncomfortable wearing of) certain items: pulling buttons of my favorite menswear tops, too-skinny jeans, muffin-top designer jeans & a bag full of too small trousers.

i decided to attempt a process that would make this mindful, careful & effective. first, i made a list of times when i feel like i have nothing to wear. it turns out it's every situation, every event, every day; maybe this makes my feeling invalid. second, i made a list of outfits i would want to wear to these events. third, i made a list of those items (independent of outfit). i found that a lot of these items overlapped. finally, i took a look at that list & crossed out items that i already own & highlighted items i don't own or need to replace (fit or wear). i came up with the following list, now i just need to prioritize:

plaid button up (maybe vintage menswear)
casual fall/spring jacket
mid length, black cardigan (thin)
short frilly/accented cardigan
silky floral tops
solid warm dress
dark work jeans
fun/accent pumps
rain boots

i'm all about questions today, so - what is one piece of clothing that you can't live without, how do you wear it?

craigslist finds

a few accent pieces for you today. danish bar, $195 & the roost pebble felted rug, $300.

the rug sells at velocity & area 51 for around $500. it's a great deal on my dream rug, but here is the question - is buying a used rug gross or smart?


let the right one in

i went down to see let the right one in last night (it'll will be a short stint at the varsity theater here in seattle). this swedish film is a story about coming of age, first loves & vampires - to put it simply. paul constant has a perfect review over at the stranger saying, "(it) can become a film about all kinds of things: the weird sexuality of burgeoning adolescents, how anger and violence can sometimes be a perfectly reasonable response in the proper situation, and how love is always completely, seriously fucked-up."

i thought it could have been scarier, but the subtlety was perfect & it seems to have led to late night conversations about humanity for some.

etsy wednesday

so often i buy one piece at a time, with no idea how i'll end up wearing it. i'm going to take a clue from others & put together a whole package - today on etsy.

lovely wool dress from lucy's place, $140; moonstone ring from nina dinoff, $195; vintage brown saddle from rebyc vintage (i may have blogged this before, oh well), $44; dexter boots from mels vanity, $88; tiffy tuffington tam hat, $20. grand total = $487.


emily barnett

the lovely crochet & embroidery art of brooklyn based, emily barnett. she also keeps a lovely blog.

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i discovered libby & her blog, pink shirts & car wrecks through the guest posts over at sfgirlbybay. this one went into my bookmarks as bart & i discuss cohabitation & work spaces in a one bedroom apt. after browsing her blog a couple of times, it went into my "favorite design" bookmarks & i've been loving her collection of beautiful things, fun fashion & personal stories.

check out her etsy shop as well.


found signage

situated next to rudy's on pine, stumptown comes to us from portland. this specific location is seen as the company's espresso bar, a quick place to grab a shot or bag of beans on your walk home. the whole space is fantastic, but there is something about their neon sign & the lone p on the end, it strikes me.

image from terryz1. i took a ton of pics there on saturday but forgot to upload them & finish my post last night - my head was still dizzy with 007.


music to listen to

driving to the airport last night, i was listening to swingin' doors on kexp (maybe my new favorite spot) & found myself rocking out to seattle-based, lonesome rhodes & the good company. their album, nothing to write home about was self-released in 2007, but it's new to me. i think it might be my new saturday mornin', coffee drinkin', poach egg makin' music.

image by christian sorensen hansen. he will have his own post soon, because this 21-year-old is doing cooler shit than most of us.


catia chien

beautiful, whimsical paintings from southern california artist, catia chien.

craigslist finds

i'll show you mine, if you show me yours. today, it's all about display. antique china cabinet, $125; danish credenza, $800; retro bookcase, $60.


thinking about pixie

her latest look has me thinking about a pixie cut. it works in cycles - i grow it out to put it in a pseudo pony, i cut it all off, i grow it out to put it in a pseudo pony, etc etc.

images from fred flare & people.

n simmons

there isn't much to find about n simmons. i looked & i couldn't find anything aside from this beautiful flickr stream. his use of light, shadows & color is impossible to ignore, each photograph seems like a story that has yet to be told.

etsy wednesday

kim wested makes beautiful porcelain pieces. i love the pebble details & her signature swirl - they are the type of piece that can accent or steal the show. based out of the bronx, wested makes all her pieces food safe & functional. prices range from $8 to $200. check out her featured seller post.


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casey's musings is the daily blog of web & graphic designer, casey brown. her vintage halloween guide was to die for (it's got me thinking about next year) & her flickr set is a lot of fun. it's full of inspiration & ideas with a vintage flair & so much more, it's a must.


found fashion, found design

i remember heading downtown one day & looking down to my right at a new storefront. not just a new front, but a beautiful one with deep corals, muted peach & white details. the only sign of what might be coming was a large scripted mc, shoe forms & a sewing machine. a week or so later i find out it's going to be a men's boutique, offering custom tailoring & original collections. i've peaked in so many times noticing that not a detail is missed - the storage boxes have coral & peach printing, the nic nacs & furniture all coordinate without feeling contrived. it feels vintage, modern & clean without feeling pretentious or stiff - it's just my style.

on saturday as i walked around the neighborhood, i decided to stop by, take some pictures & see if the shop was open. it was & i was lucky enough to meet michael cepress, the gentleman behind the space & the clothing. modern gentleman used to fill the showroom & windows, but he has just introduced some gorgeous capes & winter pieces. both are to die for - color, cut & an innovation that any man should hope to have in his closet. stop by the next time you are in capitol hill, but more importantly boys - splurge for that next big event & pick up something from michael cepress.

dorje handwoven rugs also works out of the studio. they are worth a peak too.

new project

i saw this at urban & thought, "i'm going to figure out how to make this." i think i have the flower part down, i just can't decide between ribbon or elastic & closure. hmmph. i'd like it to work for a variety of sizes. any ideas?


i replaced the ruffles with these little ladies. button detail, chunky heel, comfortable & versatile - just what i need. it's almost a cross between a classic pump & an oxford, it offers nice coverage, protecting my little feets from the seattle winter. i think i'll save the drama for the next purchase.

purchased at edie's. love love love, more capitol hill love. i also found a home for these after they were put on a sale rack at nordstroms.


loving wallingford

these are nights i love seattle; trudging through the rain i found two new spots that may just become favorites.

number 1: after chatting with swash press owner, julie cook, about holiday cards for my firm, i made a date to view her studio in wallingford. her space is so fantastic, the kind you dream about owning someday. julie was sweet as can be showing me how the presses work & talking me through prepress. i have to add, while it doesn't have much to do with her printing abilities, she's gorgeous to boot. i'm looking forward to the holiday cards & workshops in the spring.

number 2: i have a precious friend & as hard as we may try, we only end up seeing each other every few months. everytime feels like it's been no time at all & always involves lots of food & wine. last night was no exception; we were the only two patrons of joule & it was wonderful. i'm not a food critic, so i won't try to be one, but i'll tell you what we ate. starters, a nice full bodied cotes de rhone, suggested by the server. second, the green bean casserole with shitake mushrooms (yum), the cauliflower with golden raisins, cornbread with fresh gouda & scallions, & lamb sirloin with currents & yogurt (yum). finally, espresso chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (yum, yet unnecessary, malia believes in dessert & i had more than a couple bites). i'll go again & you should go tonight.

image via seattle.net.

music to listen to

when i think of seattle winters, i'm forced to think about cat power. she was introduced to me when i first moved out here & you are free was her newly released album, i saw her when she toured for the greatest, & i've realized how happy i am listening to jukebox. she's got a lovely voice & lots to say.


ruffles were a bust

i'm sad to report that my steve madden patent ruffle t-straps were a huge bust. after maybe 10 wears, the patent started to peel off the toe & base of the shoe. i'm happy i bought them at nordstrom & am able to return them in full no matter what. i'm sad though. i really loved them, they were as comfortable as 3.5" heels can be & were soooo cute.

what's the story then? i'm back in the market. here are some i'm considering:

patent wedges from 80%20. my brother is friends with the owner & designer & she has some killer style. check out the full fall 2008 collection; boots with hidden wedges, sunburst sneakers, oxford wedges & these lovely wedge maryjanes.

dv by dolce vita. these are a little chunkier, but i love the big buckle & the balck/brown combo.

then there are these little lovers, naughty monkey's wild ways heels. look at that button!

craigslist finds

i want some leather. it's getting cold & rainy outside & my heart craves sitting on a leather chair with a cozy quilt & piles of magazines, books & crafts.

monaco leather chair
, $550; leather chesterfield, $1100; leather library chair, $1200; arm chair & ottoman, $1000.

anne brenneke - life after death

fashion design student anne brenneke recently come forward with her graduation project, life after death. a series of quilts with potraits of dead rap legends, notorious b.i.g., eazy-e and j dilla, each one is made from a variety of recycles textiles. i think it's genious & beautiful.

found via what's wrong with the zoo.


etsy wednesday

love me some lilimandrill stamps. sigh, they are so cute. each tiny face is $8 & if you want one that's just like you - send a picture & she'll create a custom one.

check out her website here.


this is where the evening of celebration ended, pike & broadway in seattle. over 4000 people gathered & celebrated in the streets - peacefully with energy & love. it was an amazing night & while i'd like to say something really eloquent, last night's champagne is making it difficult. every time i hear stories, see images or think of my own situation - i get teary eyed & then i smile. i'm so happy i could pee.

i will say that it makes me so happy to think about the power that we have & how we are going to be the change that takes america through the next generation. imagine the progress that our children & grandchildren will see; it started decades ago, but was sparked again, by us, on november 4th, 2008. congratulations obama & cheers to the american people.

images from rod mar for the seattle times.


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design crush is written by art director/designer, kelly in oklahoma city, ok & is filled with all sorts of lovely stuff. from food to photography, print design to interiors & interiors to fashion - kelly finds it all.

amazing illustration

i've fallen in love, hard. this work is so beautiful it fills me with joy & happiness - it makes me happy to be alive.

i'm not sure who the artist is & all of the info is in another language. found via formfiftyfive.



i'm closing up work here, getting ready to walk around my neighborhood to get out the vote for obama. i could put link upon link in this post, tell you how effective his website is, show you numerous designs & well made prints for obama, or quote some beautiful thing that he has said or that people have said about him - but what i really want you to do is vote. make your plan tonight if you haven't already voted; get past the kaos, find your polling center, talk to your boss about getting in late or leaving early - no excuses people!

i'll be hitting up the war room obama election party tomorrow on capitol hill. the idea of surrounding myself with shepard fairey murals, eating at the skillet & consuming mass quantities of molly moon makes it hard to resist.

the above poster
based on the joan baez anti-war poster & designed by some women in brooklyn is getting a little bit of hassle. thanks for finding & sharing t.

found pattern

while in san francisco, erin & i grabbed lunch & a glass of wine at fritz. the entire cafe was great, but i couldn't get over these legs! repeat papers & wallpaper are on almost every design site these days, but i've never seen how effective it can be in person.