etsy wednesday - reduction nation

reduction nation on etsy

reduction nation on etsy

reduction nation on etsy

reduction nation has one of the vintage lucite bead collections on etsy. i just stocked up for a new project.


fashion blitz - what i've been living in

brixton vamp flannel
i do this thing, i'm sure is not uncommon, where i get into "uniforms." last summer was tube top, cardi, flats & my aa pencil skirt - this winter it moved to leggings & my park life sweatshirt, then distressed skinnies & my chunky cream cardigan. right now, i can't get out my cropped skinnies (free through trade at crossroads), nude camper heals & brixton flannel.


found art - carly waito

paintings by carly waito

paintings by carly waito
these paintings are so beautiful. i'd love to get my hands on a painting (or print) from carly waito. for more visit her flickr set.


music to listen to - cults

cults music
a day late - but never a dollar short. north carolina based, cults have a three track ep out that is sooo good. go outside makes me super happy.


handmade days - t-shirt yarn

t-shirt yarn spools

i've been eyeing these yummy necklaces for a while, but necklush has taken over the etsy market (this was all over europe last summer & i was happy to see someone going for it here in the states). if you want to make your own - it starts with the t-shirt yarn. go - get crazy - make a necklace from those thrift store tees via craft passion.

image via painting daily.

etsy wednesday - crafterall's topography art

crafterall on etsy

crafterall on etsy
 aren't these rad?! beautiful papercut topography from crafterall - prices range from $5 to $35.


fashion blitz - mcqueen's armadillos

ragnhild jevne in velvet

ragnhild jevne in velvet
i won't say much, because i'm no expert. but mcqueen's armadillos have been all over the place lately (lady gaga & beyond), but this shoot really appealed to me. i love how the shoes set the tone for the entire shoot.

ragnhild jevne for velvet.


found project - small victories

boooooom small victories
booooooom's project #10 is called small victories - a photographic project. it looks super fun & i may have to submit a few photos (like this one).

"Small Victories is a photographic celebration of the everyday! A collection of 4×6 prints of the quietly beautiful, unintentionally funny, people and things all around us. I believe it is these little moments that make life worth living.This project will culminate in a photo show at Above Second gallery in Hong Kong, in May."


music to listen to - millionyoung & tanlines eps out now

 millionyoung be so true

 tanlines settings
both of these artists were recently mentioned here & here, but it's worth mentioning again since they both released an album. millionyoung's be so true ep is available here & tanlines's settings ep on matador records can be purchased here.


handmade days - page-turner art

genius. love. page-turner art tutorial from team diy.


etsy wednesday - kiki and polly

kiki and polly on etsy

kiki and polly on etsy

kiki and polly on etsy  
these paintings take me right back to fife lake, a small town in michigan where my family used to spend our summers. we moved there my sophomore year of high school permanently & i look forward to my annual summer trip. now my nieces play in the water & dig on the beach just like i used to.

kiki & polly, artwork from $20 to $250.


fashion blitz - weardrobe 100

weardrobe 100
weardrobe 100 is a great collection of 2009's top street style pics. be careful - you'll get sucked in.


found everywhere

still dottie inspiration images

still dottie inspiration images

still dottie inspiration images 
i've been collecting my current inspirations to share with all of you beyond my blog. take a peak here for both albums, print inspiration & lifestyle inspiration.

please feel free to comment or send me an email if you find a photograph or work that is yours or you know who it is for proper credit. i'm not claiming any of this as my own & would love to share the sources.

music to listen to - reporter & millionyoung

millionyoung -  ambient, dancey goodness. looks like myspace is the best way to preview at this point.

report portland
reporter - portland based group, super fun (i'm so well written, aren't i?!).

thanks to dave for putting these groups in my inbox.


henri de toulouse-lautrec

henri de toulouse-lautrec

henri de toulouse-lautrec

henri de toulouse-lautrec

henri de toulouse-lautrec

today i'm gushing over the artwork of henri de toulouse-lautrec. i love the broad strokes & colors; this is a style that i've really grown to love as bart has introduced me to more & more. i've always loved bart's sketches, often done on a mid-tone base focusing on highlights & shadows. these make me think of him.

handmade days - pendant lamps

craftynest hemp pendant lamps

craftynest hemp pendant lamps

see these? they are my weekend project, alongside an ikea trip & dining chair hunting. craftynest has a wonderful tutorial & i'm super pumped to give this (seemingly messy, but easy) tutorial a shot.


etsy wednesday - bangin' bangles



bakelite lust. bangle crush. color lover. bangin' bangles.


fashion blitz - monday work wear from apt 34

monday work wear from apartment 34

i love apartment 34's monday work wear posts. perfect for a little inspiration to start off your week.

photos via tommy ton via style.

found art - andrea myers

andrea myers art

work has been crazy daisies. in the meantime, check out andrea myers colorful, textile work.

i can't remember who led me here, but thanks!


music to listen to - the go! team

a couple year's old, but new to me. i'm loving this track from the go! team's thunder, lightning, strike.


handmade days - chunky knit pillow covers

knit collection from diy blog

inspired by this sweet collection of knits - i think i'll replace my current throw pillow covers with a chunky knit. now i just need to find the right yarn; i'd love to do something in a nice persimmon for spring/summer. i'll stick to a simple purl stitch, but you can check out other options here. any suggestions for a spot to buy some yarn online or in seattle?


etsy wednesday - i'm a bunny

white bunny mask from tom banwell designs

but this on my list of things to have on hand - an over-sized, leather white bunny mask. is this a weird want? maybe, but i imagine it with a sweet white/pink dress as the perfect whimsical costume.


fashion blitz - time for glasses

bevel eyewear

bevel eyewear

bevel eyewear 

i can't help it - i just got new glasses last year & i already want another pair. yes yes please bevel.


found art - wafa collective

wafa collective

wafa collective

the wafa collective is curating in public - i love the frame series. the space in the bottom pic can be found in georgetown, i think that the top is between cap hill & downtown, but i'm not 100%.

a global collective that focuses on collaborative art between emerging artists via slog via slightly north.