music to listen to - tanlines

tanlines music

thanks to kexp for my latest love, tanlines. their album is out march 6, until then catch most tracks on their myspace page.


handmade days - stenciled leggings

stenciled legging tutorial from transient expression

yeah, there's a bit of a leggings debate. they aren't pants - i'm aware of that & argued it to my death a year ago. my question now, is how i'm supposed to ignore a trend that allows women to be fashionable in something so close to sweatpants. hell, there were sweatpants on the runway in ny.

until i realize what a silly phase this was, i will embrace it & even adorn the leggings with sweet little stencils.

thanks to transient expression for the idea & tutorial.


lusting after hopper edward

p22 type foundry hopper edward

i want to use this for everything - wait - can this just be my handwriting? p22 hopper edward for just $19.95, yum. thanks to kc for her great taste.

etsy wednesday - neena creates

te amo t-shirts by neena creates

i think these t's by neena creates are so sweet & perfect. all screen printed by hand & will cost you only $22.


fashion blitz - suno

spring '10 from suno new york

spring '10 from suno new york

this spring '10 collection from suno has me lusting for the sun. i'm in need of some serious beach time.


not today

photography from iroas929 brooklyn ny

there's just too much going on. image via iroas929.


music to listen to - hot chip

after hearing hand me down your love on kexp - it decided to check out hot chip's latest release, one life stand. i've got it flowing through my headphones this lovely afternoon; i keep wanting to get up & dance, but the cord isn't that long.


handmade days - bittersweet tart

bittersweet tart from 101 cookbooks

today, there's nothing that paper, fabric, glue, scissors, glitter or even paint can do to fulfill my handmade urges. today, it has to be this - a bittersweet tart from 101 cookbooks.


etsy wednesday - elephantine

necklace by elephantine on etsy

this necklace from elephantine is almost too perfect. i think i will buy it.

thanks to ms bliss for the link.


fashion blitz - pink hair

pink hair from what is reality anyway

hair - it will be the end of me one day. i'm currently growing out my champagne bleached hair, which is going to take some time. i've been toying with extensions or going brunette to pass the time, maybe i'll just get some pink to brighten my day. my dear friend anna in san diego just went all over pink & it's the sweetest thing ever.

image from what is reality anyway.


found blog - emmas blog

a great design blog straight outta sweden. visit emmas designblogg right now, really, go.


music to listen to - atlas sound

my dearest jaime plays this in the background - i can't get enough of it. atlas sound logo.


handmade days - playing with paper - essimar

paper hearts by essimer

paper hearts by essimer

paper hearts by essimer

essimar's blog has me convinced that the only way for me to spend the next two days is with brightly colored paper & scissors. her pieces are perfect for valentine's day, maybe b needs an envelope full of paper hearts to know i love him this year. check out her etsy shop & flickr here.

other sweet valentine's project from design*sponge, 100 layer cake, & rachel leonard.


etsy wednesday - duet

still dottie features etsy jewelry from duet by maddy and yuki

still dottie features etsy jewelry from duet by maddy and yuki

i want this necklace - knit glam from duet by maddy & yuki.


fashion blitz - spring pumps

i need some go-to not-black shoes for spring. i like these: moda spana imogene pump; camper's rachel pump; blowfish willis boots; & camper's elsa wedge.


found jewelry - mociun

mociun fake gems jewelry collection

mociun square peg round hole jewelry collection

thanks to lena for directing me to this gorgeous jewelry line by mociun. i'm particularly taken by the fake gems collection, sigh indeed.

handmade in fort greene, brooklyn.


still dottie diy tutorials

see below for the ultimate collection of still dottie patterns & tutorials!

braided chain necklace tutorial
braided chain necklace

jeweled t-shirt pattern and tutorial

jeweled t-shirt 

paper napkin ring tutorial
paper napkin rings

valentines day hidden message felt heart tutorial and pattern
hidden message felt hearts

holiday garland felt tutorial

holiday garland

fabric flower broach, hair piece and belt tutorial and pattern 
flower cluster - a broach, belt & hair piece

feather and flower headband tutorial
feather & flower headband

makeup brush carrier pattern and tutorial

makeup brush carrier

felt wall hanging tutorial 
felt birch wall hanging 

reuse wine cork trivet tutorial

wine cork trivet & board

high waisted button front skirt tutorial

high-waisted, button-front skirt

fabric stitched notecard tutorial
fabric stitched notecards

teapot cozie tutorial and pattern

teapot cozie

ipod cozie knit tutorial

ipod cozie

smock apron free pattern and tutorial

smock apron

embroidered pillow tutorial

embroidered pillows

music to listen to - cat power

i'm feeling cat power today. it started with her spanish version of werewolf on the los abrazos rotos/broken embraces soundtrack (impossible to find online) & now i'm listening to her covers album while i figure out what to do with my friday.


handmade days - scrunch scarf tutorial

scrunch scarf diy tutorial from lomurell

i love this scrunch scarf idea from lomurella. wouldn't this look super cute over a plain t-shirt?!

lomurella hosts a ton of well designed, beautifully illustrated tutorials - i'd love to make everything. although, there is one catch - it's in spanish. google will translate her blog for you, but you'll find the illustrations found on her flickr site a little trickier.


etsy wednesday - the vamoose

these nautical rope bracelets by the vamoose are just perfect. i like to imagine them with a blazer & jeans or paired with a striped blouse & wide leg jeans. ohhhhh, i want it - for $18, why not?!


fashion blitz - society for rational dress

i love love this reversable sweater from society for rational dress. sign me up - grandpa cardi plus sexy cover up. i can tell that this late winter & spring will involve a lot of tight vs loose fitting for me - it keeps catching my eye.

via not couture.


found photography - jjjjound

i can't remember how i got here, but thank you to whoever it was. jjjjound features a great collection of fashion, lifestyle, celebrity, architecture photography with a splash of general style.