sitting here on this lovely saturday, wishing my nieces could go play in the park with me. miss you ladies!


music to listen to

mmmm - listening to the new andrew bird album, noble beast.

the pedestrian project

the pedestrian project

performance art freaks me out. i also used to think that i didn't like when people dress up as other things, but that's an overstatement. i don't like when people are completely covered by their costume; oversized & engulfing, full face paint &/or masks creep me out in a way i can't explain. with that said, i'd run if i came face to face with this project & become obsessed from afar.

taken from the website: the pedestrian project consists of several performers wearing entirely black custom-made costumes modeled after the generic images of men, women, and children seen on public signs. mimicking the lives of everyday people, the roaming sculptural forms inspire the imaginations of onlookers, who often find themselves mesmerized as these familiar icons assume busy lives of their own.

dottie tunes on tumblr

check her out - it's another spot i'll be sharing my latest loves.


craigslist finds

still dottie craigslist finds

perch here. i'll take this leather stool, $145 & these stools too, $125. find lots of nice stuff from seattle seller kenophobiac.

kim holtermand

kim holtermand photography

kim holtermand photography

kim holtermand photography

kim holtermand photography

beautiful, mysterious, eerie - kim holtermand's architectural photography. further proof that denmark is where it's at.

found via design you trust.

not enough time in the day, week, month

do you remember those carousels on playgrounds; the ones that make you sort of nauseous but are really fun? quite honestly, january has felt a bit like that. it seems as though i'm the one spinning it & is going much faster than i can run.

i can't even place why it's felt hectic, all i know is that i'm ready for february. don't get me wrong, jan was lovely - filled with midwestern travel, birthdays, volunteering with sos & riding with the ladies from sgs, looking for apartments, pushing hard in the gym & seeing results, learning about my new camera & spending time with friends. ok, sounds like i do know why it's been so hectic. even so, i'm ready to get my after work life back on track, to the point where i can recall what i did the week before & cross some goodies off my to do list.

i'd also like to find a way to continue the good stuff coming on still dottie; quite honestly, i've been slacking. i just hate to post stuff i don't love & right now, my love has been off the internet.

bear with me. i'll try to catch up & hop on the carousel.

photo by manyfires.


etsy wednesday

every little counts is selling fun t's for girls, hell - for girls & boys. lost in love is my top pick, but other ones with great type include: feel like making love, let me hear your body sing, romance & forever. shirts run about $25-$35 & are silk-screened by hand. get one.


add it to the blogroll

i'm going to post my adds as i find them, no more weekly posts just cause it's tuesday. i just want to avoid adding something for the sake of a weekly feature; i always want to post it because it truly is added to my blogroll.

any ideas on a new weekly feature? style, fashion, graphic design, logo love, tutorial links, etc?

mel kadel

i love this whimsical artwork by mel kadel. part sweet, part fairy tale, part dark. it's love.


heading to the cold cold interior

i'm taking friday & monday off. "why?" you ask. "but to head to the midwest for winter love, of course." i say. see you all soon!

image from drop focus.


craigslist finds

light it up baby. bent wood floor lamp, $250 & danish floor lamp, $100.

sweet petula freebie!

i just got an email from cory at sweet petula offering any reader a free bar of soap if you stop into the store (208 s. jackson street in pioneer square) & mention the still dottie post!


max wanger photography

it's gorgeous & i'm not the only one that noticed - design bloggers are all over it. but max wanger has a beautiful portfolio & some beautiful subjects. i have to post it.

top image is joanna of cup of jo.

sugar lips

nice collection here, via here.

etsy wednesday

sweet petula makes the most lovely soaps, fizzies & other bath time goodies. i bought my first dose at momo after asking the owner what smelled so delicious. made in seattle; soaps selling for $7, fizzies for $5 & 80 hour candles for $15. buy some, it's yummy.


woot woot

it's a good day & i'm going to take the day off blogging in celebration!

image courtesy of trophy cupcakes.


found inspiration

only at anthropologie do i spend as much time admiring the displays as i do the clothes & housewares. i'm still convinced that i could live there full time.

singer reference guide

this lovely book was tucked into one of my favorite christmas packages this year. the beautiful gift included the singer reference guide, another how to book, a massive button collection & a deer skin roll filled with knitting needles (more on that later) - all from my great grandmother. it was such a perfect gift - i cried while thumbing through everything, it meant so much.

i chose to share this because i love the illustrations & the black plus one color printing. it's yum yum.


music to listen to

is the latest addition to my winter listens. kind of sweet, kind of spooky - you should check it out.

show me how to wear a scarf

i've wanted to write a similar post, but never got around to it - check out the how to from sarah at design dig. it's full of love images & step by step illustrations showing you (& i) how to wear that lovely scarf hanging on hooks in our homes. wait - you don't have one? good thing sarah does.

side note - isn't the model's hair adorable?


craigslist finds

don't tell bart, but i'm buying this chair - just $60 & currently living in capitol hill. you should splurge & buy this $900 bar - it's hot.

eyebrow love

i've always liked the olsen twins, i think i've watched their e! true hollywood story a gazillion times. i mean, i liked them before they were high fashion; i thought they were intriguing when they were designing & selling tween clothes at big box stores in 2000. but right now, i mostly love ashley olsen's eyebrows & after last night, i am sporting my own full-yet-groomed set.

i'm a dedicated wax on patron (& will still visit sara for all waxing not brows), but i couldn't resist getting an eyebrow wax right after a haircut within the same salon. i booked a waxing with belinda at vain & i'm so happy i found her (she's the sweetest thing) - $25, hard wax (gentler on skin), some eyebrow rubbing love & a brush of powder to conceal the red. it's love.


etsy wednesday

kup kup makes the sweetest collages. i'd love the clouds collection to show up in my mailbox. pieces from this artist range from $6 for bookmarks to $38 for larger collages.


tec petaja photography

black*eiffel posted the work of tec petaja & i had to know more. i try to avoid reposting other blogger's content, but after browsing his portfolio i discovered that he was born & raised in michigan. now, i have a sick obsession where i email anyone who's work i enjoy that has a tie to michigan (my home state) & email then - i wanna know if we know the same people, grew up in the same area, etc. turns out tec grew up just a few miles from my hometown & in the city i had to drive to in order to see a movie, get clothes or have a martini in any sort of downtown. check out his work - it's so yummy - i want a photoshoot with him!


found art

bart & i spent saturday afternoon in georgetown; i have wanted to see the graffiti wall for some time & he's been hoping to check in at fantagraphics. as we were looking for the wall, i thought to myself, "this is going to be one of those things that i build up, only to be let down." i was happy to see that the wall is full of bright colors, careful artwork & fun characters. we also had a great time visiting with larry, a long time fantagrapher that offered us tons of input & stories about the books & the artists.

on our way back to the car, we stopped to see a window display unlike no other - a diarama of sorts. the beautiful story of a girl, her uncle's time machine & the coincidental butterfly, the story of belle & wissell co. i was confused at first. was this a simple art installation? a storefront? it turned out to be part of the belle & wissell design studio's identity. the whole thing is genious if you ask me.

we missed the art walk because of dinner reservations, but will definitely be heading down next month.


tilt shift maker online

how freaking cool is this? tilt shift maker allows you to upload any image under 4mb, adjust focus area & width, as well as choose color enhancement. the site has quick previews & let's you download your final image for free.