happy halloween

happy halloween & hail mary! i'm in san francisco to celebrate with the sohn ghouls & ms. church. i think we'll be hitting up the castro for a night of debauchery. i can't wait to share our costumes with you & hope to have a full tutorial next week, better late than never right?

i hope you all enjoyed the week of fresh perspective. these girls are wonderful i tell you, just fantastical!

music to listen to - says jaime

do you hear what eye hear...

when i was asked to do a feature for my dear & lovely friend ann on music to listen to, i immediately thought, “yes!” however, it occurred to me as i sat down to ponder my response that it had been a few months since i had maintained my diddy collection. in the music world, everything happens so fast! so much so, that if you stop to smell the roses (or transition from grad school to a 9 to 5) you might miss something.

either way, this is j here are a few suggestions to check out….like to hear it?

favorite new song to dance around the living room to: friendly firesparis. here's the video, listen to the words people. these guys are expressing my dreams in a song.

silly but oh soooo sexy - lil wayne feat. bobby valentino – mrs. officer. last.fm is the only place i could find this song,which is great, ’cause last.fm is great. i discovered it was produced by wyclef. i think that’s the answer to the question of why i like this song so much… duh!

the field - from here we go sublime... i love this whole album. love it, love it, love it! i listen to it often. it is great to listen to while you are working, studying (if ur the type), writing, etc. i highly recommend it to have on as background music for long evening chats, get-togethers &/or great make-out sessions. give it a try.

i was first hooked by the song “everyday” – it just makes you want to think and do a lil dance while you think. the artist axel willner is from sweden and tried to come to the states in the late spring for coachella while making a few other stops, including seattle. i was pumped! unfortunately, homeland security didn’t like his equipment (he’s an electronic music artist people come on!) and he wasn’t allowed to travel within the u.s. of a. you can hear tracks on his myspace page. but seriously, just buy the whole album - it’s best to listen to the whole thing at once.


rachel's craigslist finds - for the home

i have lived in the city of seattle for over 7 months now and still reside in a barely furnished apartment. this is not for lack of money, mind you, but lack of motivation. as i grow older, i’ve realized that there are few things in this world that come as easily to me as procrastination – i am a natural; an expert, if you will, in the art of leaving things to the last minute. and expending minimal effort. while i excel in both endeavors, i must be humble and admit that my excellence would not have been possible were it not for craigslist.

craigslist: home of myriad gems at the touch of a button. do i need to put in a lot of effort to find things for my apartment, my wardrobe, my life? nay! so now i embark on a little journey to find the choicest items for under $40 on craigslist - because i’m poor.

wonderfold chairs: like many a single woman, i live alone in a small studio apartment. i don’t have a lot of space to work with, and thus have a small, leafed dining room table that i’ve wedged into one corner. of course, i haven’t gotten around to buying chairs to compliment my table…are you surprised? these chairs are perfect – they have a vintage feel to them that sets them apart, and are collapsible for easy storage. plus, the white seat covers give them character and add comfort. they’re $30 - done.

lace curtains: my little apartment is on the ground floor of a building, which means passersby can see everything that’s going on in my living room if they so desire. i need curtains, but don’t want anything too heavy, as i don’t want to block out what little light comes through my windows. these sheer fabric panels are beautiful. the detail is exquisite, and there’s enough going on to effectively block curious eyes. $25

lamp & candle holder: this lamp and candelabra would look great with the sheer curtains! both pieces are solidly built but still manage to look delicate, which is important because i really don’t want anything too heavy and imposing in the small amount of space in which i reside. plus, they’re both only $35, which is a steal.

gardener's potting table: ok, so i realize that this is technically an “outdoor” piece, but there’s no rule that says that it can’t be morphed into indoor furniture. it has so much character, and its construction would allow it to be placed against a wall and not take up too much space. i could convert it into a book shelf or a desk, and the moss would definitely add flavor. i need more plants in my place, anyway. $35.

teabag holders: though my apartment is small, i happen to have a huge kitchen, complete with a copious amount of empty counter space. i love this vintage tea bag holder set because it’s unique, the colors are fun, and it’s a little kitchy. is it useful? not particularly, but it’s something i can see myself mounting on my kitchen wall to offset what seems like a sea of counter top. plus it’s $15.

decorative pig head: i seem to be drawn to kitchy things this evening, but i think this pig’s head would be a fantastic addition to either my bathroom or the kitchen. it’s fun, random, and definitely adds a quaint, country feel to any space…although perhaps it’s a little too out-there for my bathroom. $20.

vintage broach: technically not something to add to my apartment, but it’s always fun to get something fun for yourself when you’re furniture shopping. plus, i like shiny objects. $30.

so there you have it: the cheapest, choicest items for home and self that i could find on craigslist while expending the least amount of effort.


teresa's etsy wednesday

this week i went up to van city to renew my passport. i had been told i could have a new passport in hand by end of day. there was lots of stress about having the documentation right... i didn't. but everything worked out. the wonderful people at the passport office and at the photo shop across the street got it all sorted out. i didn't have to wait in one line, so incredible. i left with a smile on my face and passport in hand at 2pm on monday bee-lining for some of vancouver's delicious and inexpensive sushi, mmmm.

because of the helpful people and blue skies, i decided to do an etsy tribute to all things west coast canada, enjoy. cherry can label from labelstone, $4.85; vintage yearbook from dervish, $5; vogu photograph from blurb, $160; messanger bag from ouno, $225; chandelier earrings from contagious creations, $20.


add it to the blogroll - kristin style

growing up, it was a family joke in my house that if mom made a dish for dinner that we absolutely loved and hoped to taste again, we'd better get her to write it down—margin notes on additions and adjusted quantities et al. she loved to improvise when she cooked and rework new recipes to her tastes—always correcting oversights by adding what world renowned culinary artists and featured chefs in bon appetit magazine managed to leave out. she had a large closet off the kitchen (think carrie bradshaw's shoe closet) with double french doors and ceiling to floor shelving teaming with wonderfully beguiling cookbooks and culinary magazines, each one dog-eared and worn beige with use. the little darlings of the bunch are the over-stuffed accordion files, volumes one and two, with treasured notes in her great-grandmother's handwriting on how to make the perfect pie crust or dad's favorite Spanish rice and other clipped out and scribbled recipes passed down through generations. Seriously, i'm giddy just thinking about that magical closet back home. and it's clear to me that i share my mom's obsession as i look at how much space on my bookshelves is devoted to my own growing collection of precious cookbooks. this is why heidi swanson of 101cookbooks.com is a girl after my own heart.

the premise 101 cookbooks was built on is best summed up in two sentences: when you own over 100 cookbooks like she does, it is time to stop buying, and start cooking. with personal anecdotes about recipes that intersect her life, travels, and everyday interests and with her own stunning photography, heidi's site chronicles a cookbook collection, one recipe at a time. she focuses primarily on natural, whole foods and ingredients. heidi swanson is a san francisco based photographer, cookbook author, designer - and creator of 101 cookbooks.


natalie found iconography

ann asked me to fill in with the found column this week. i'm traveling in western europe at the moment. i'm lucky to have the opportunity to visit with friends and meet up with friends-of-friends in such a beautiful place. i've spent the past week in belgium and the netherlands. while keeping my eye out for "sick european street art," i've been much more enamored with window boxes, espresso, changing leaves and public squares. but while keeping my eye out for the perfect found european graphic i saw this icon over and over:

the white on blue, the outer circle, the tilted handlebars, the detail of the fenders, the flat ground - it is a lovely image. i've loved the bicycling here.

other insight

i asked a few of my girlfriends to post for me this week; it's time for some fresh perspective.

monday - found goodness from natalie, my free & curious traveler.

tuesday - add it to the blogroll from kristin, the lady that i share a parallel life with yet she surprises me with all sorts of wonderful things.

wednesday - etsy wednesday from teresa, my girl with impeccable taste that first introduced me to this glorious community.

thursday - craigslist finds from rachel, the flea market lover with fantastic style & personality.

friday - music to listen to from jaime, my lovely lady with the sickest moves & tunes to prove it.

image from saga.


music to listen to

here are some my faves from the years 2001 & 2002 - sophomore year & the following summer in college - they've been playing close to my heart lately. if you haven't been blessed with a love for these songs already, now is your chance.

be here by rapheal saadiq
the what ifs by jaguar wright
wish i didn't miss you by angie stone

the soundboming 3 album, & ugly ducklings fresh mode ep rarely left the cd player in my car.

enjoy & have a great weekend!

type lust

smashing magazine always points us is the right direction when it comes to fonts. today, i can't resist sharing & if i had a couple hundy to spend on type, here's how i'd do it.

buffet script by veer, $99; haptic by hanning skibbe, $55 for one style or $650 for the whole thang; parisine ptf from porchez typofonderie, $400 (roughly, it's priced in pounds).

beautiful work

check out more from brazilian artist, rubens lp here.

found via the serif.


craigslist finds

bright colors for a little love in your home. kitchen table & chairs, $350; egg chairs, $40; green leather chair, $100; red formica dining table, $100.

my colors

these are the only colors i can think in right now. i just painted my nails this orangey red & my hair just got some champagne toner love (i had my first date with carly & i'm looking a little bit like frenchie). maybe i'll call it champagne wishes & caviar dreams.

in other personal news - i'm having major vanity issues as hives creep their way all over my upper body. i'm going to see a derm today, where i assume they'll tell me it's an allergy & tell me to do what i've already been doing.

i'm also hoping to get my halloween costume finished & my 10 minute top sewn this week, i am going to my taproot orientation, hosting a small dinner, working at chicks play hard, viewing some distasteful film. hmmmm - i wonder if all this will help or hurt the curing of lizard skin?


photoshop actions - smashing magazine

it's been posted before, but i have to as well. smashing magazine gives us a comprehensive list of useful (free) photoshop actions. i'm loving the polaroid effects here.

these are some shots from the upcoming rain project. sneak peaks ya'll!

etsy wednesday

i'm in need of a new purse. i want something big, leather & vintage or vintage inspired. here's my round up. 1. brown leather hobo, $164 by arebyc design 2. astrid zip pocket flag bag, $239 by valhalla brooklyn 3. vintage travel bag, $28 from the turnip truck 4. vintage classic flap purse, $44 fron rebyc vintage.


add it to the blogroll

i can't get much info about who writes this blog or what their story is, but let me tell you, it's a goldmine of fashion, photography & beautiful stuffs.

images above from sally jane vintage.

log bowls at loyal loot

say that three times fast. these bowls are handmade using only locally reclaimed trees & finished with acrylic paint & gloss finish. i think they're lovely & the other work at loyal loot is very nice as well. the collective has been around since 2004 & is comprised of work by dohah chebib, carmen douville, dara humniski & ann thomas. the women have been exhibiting work mainly in toronto & sweden, but i'm crossing my fingers & keeping my eye out for them to be closer to me or somewhere i travel.


found art

newspaper wolf (pronounced woof if you ask me, that's a silent l) found in an alley off pike. it smelled like pee & it was just above a dumpster, but it seemed right to me.

foto decadent

foto decadent is a wonderful livejournal community of avant-garde fashion photography. just like any other community blog - some posts are better than others. i like to run through them for effects & color palette inspiration.

as i was linking up to post today, i noticed a familiar shot of brad & angelina, which pulled me into the entire post covering the shoot they did for w in 2005. i've always loved the above pic.


adrian johnson

i'm a fan of grain edit & they're a fan of adrian johnson - turns out, i'm a fan of johnson too. his designs are frickin stupid (stupid like the kids say), i love his use of basic shapes & ideas to create fun, retro inspired pieces. the "if you're happy" print is a shirt & i want it (but it's 100 lbs & well, that's expensive).

check out his portfolio & interview on grain edit.

music to listen to

teresa sent me this link a few days ago & i'm smitten. born in paris & raised in africe, asa is a singer-songwriter with a stunning voice & great sense of style. she's the type to give you goosebumps & make you crave a run through sunny pastures. i also recommend checking out jailor.


alex prager

alex prager is a photographer born & raised in la. her work is beautiful, frightening & intriguing. her colors are warm & her style is hitchcock.

craigslist finds

this week's finds are of a teak decent; but remember, you don't want to buy the whole outfit straight off the mannequin, mix it up. vintage teak desk, $550; cabinet & pull out desk, $950; dining table & chairs, $250; mid-century entertainment center, shelving, $75.


style icon - gwen stefani

i loved her in 95 & i love her more today. gwen stefani is just so fucking cool, i can't deal. she's a perfect example of celebrity style that goes from street, to stage to red carpet. her style pushes envelopes while feeling achievable. that hair, those lips - not to mention kingston, zuma & gavin to boot.

maybe i will stay plat for a little longer.

etsy wednesday

these polaroid transfers by matt shwartz are fantastic. the colors are sensual, the girls are mysterious & they are all sold under the she hit pause name. not suprisingly, matt is brooklyn-based & sells his pieces for $65 a piece.


vodka meet design, design meet vodka

there is so much to love about this product, here is my list:

- it's vodka
- it's made by integrity spirits in portland, or, a small batch boutique company
- portland is an amazing city
- id branding is in portland & created the packaging for this line of vodka
- there are 5 sexy bottle designs to choose from, which allows you to match your bottle to your decor (or your purse)

via no quedan blogs, via the die line.

add it to the blogroll

i want to know how i've missed quaint handmade for so long! cindy blogs about all sorts of crafty goodness & gorgeous finds. after you visit her blog, you'll have to check out her flickr stream too.

mad men illustrated

this, my children, is priceless. dyna moe of nobody's sweetheart fame illustrates every episode of mad men's season two, along with some other randoms.


feather & flower headband tutorial

i got motivated this weekend. seriously, between getting the main portion of my halloween costume, crossing some fall clothing basics off my list, starting my rain project that included a photoshoot with ming & creating a locker calendar for my niece (previous post) & making some killer deviled eggs for canadian thanksgiving i finally made this headband & wrote a tutorial (photo led instructions here) so you can make one too! here we go!

what you need:
one thin headband
one feather (found at most craft stores)
pearls or small beads
linen or other lightweight fabric
glue (craft or bookbinding glue will work fine)

1. cut linen into 8 circles of various sizes
2. stack the circles from small to large
3. thread your needle with a similar color thread & come up through the center of the stack. bring back dow & repeat one more time.
4. fold the stack in half & thread through close to the fold. this will create some gathering. fold in the opposite direction & repeat.
5. from the bottom, come up straight through the stack & thread the cluster of beads, one at a time.
6. after beading the center you may find that the flower is laying flat again. you will want to bring the needle through various sections & numbers of the circles to gather them together (avoid the top one so that you don't see the stitches). this will create some random scrunching & volume.
7. once the flower is assembled you will glue the base of the feather to the back of the flower.
8. once the glue is dry, reinforce with some simple stitching.
9. mock up where you want the flower & feather to sit on the headband & hold it in position.
10. place a small square of the matching linen or fabric on the opposite side of the headband & glue to the back of the flower.
11. to reinforce & hold together, stitch the square through the back 2 circles of the flower around the headband.

helpful hints:
1. h&m has great woven headbands for about $3 that you can stitch through in the last step.
2. use two or three types of beads or pearls to create the center piece of the flower.
3. rest the headband upside down for a few hours (& store that way) to allow the feathers to shape around the curve of the headband. that way it will lay on your head better.

for an illustrated tutorial & a glimpse at my super fabulous gold nails visit
my picasa album here.

locker calendar for emma

i promised my niece a while back that i would make her a calendar for her locker. i forgot, she didn't & i was so gently reminded yesterday on the phone. here it is dear, i'll put it in the mail tomorrow.

i'm really loving all of the free vector work out there; it's great for quick projects like this. thanks to createsk8 for this floral & bird art.


music to listen to

iso50 - the visual blog of scott hanson
has some great music & yesterday i fell in love with even after all by finley quaye after sampling from the site. after doing some quick research, i realized that i recognized a song or two, or three or four. i went to my music library & there it was, maverick a strike by finley quaye. gotta love me some dave knight music! he gives me a lot of stuff, so much that often entire albums will go ignored until there is something else that triggers my interest in the artist. i started making to listen playlists on my ipod so i wouldn't miss anything lately, but seriously - dave always knows before i do.

time for tights

my dear friend natalie is in london right now & she just sent me the cutest email. it's about london & how fashionable everyone is, "it's all boots, flats with black tights and layers." first let me say that i miss nat already & i wish i could be gallivanting around with her. second, i'm coming to terms with the fact that it is fall here is seattle & it's time to get me some new tights!

last winter i sported only black, grey & brown, my two black pairs had huge holes in the asses & were very uncomfortable, but for some reason i wore them for like 8 months! in addition to a couple nice pairs of the basic colors i'd like to add some color, first on the list is burnt red or orange, maybe royal blue after that.

the question is, where do i turn? i've worn hue (macy's or nordstroms) in the past, heard that american apparel tights are horribly uncomfortable & target is cheap - but where are a reasonably priced pair of matte, opaque tights? ask metafilter.

image via styleclicker.