found art - mark weaver

the colors, humor & beautiful collage work of mark weaver has me all - well - excited. also, check out who he follows, you'll get sucked into hours of gorgeous work.


etsy wednesday - chunky chain

i'm in a jewelry rut - i'm desperately seeking a solution (not susan). i think this chunky piece from musette made might be a nice start.


fashion blitz - chambray

i never thought i'd say this, but i'd love a chambray button up for the winter. i saw a great one at the jean shop while wandering the meat packing district in ny, but thought, "really?" here i am eyeing these two; bdg boyfriend for $48 from urban outfitters & this one from j.crew for $98. ps. i'd put this on too.


found art - chihara shiota


i can hardly believe my eyes, chihara shiota's work makes me want to pack my bags for japan.


music to listen to - au revoir simone

this is the perfect song to start the weekend. au revoir simone's sad song (pacific remix), your's to download.


handmade days - diy night

UPDATE: the event will take place on thursday, dec. 3!

calling all seattle diy enthusiasts!along with some of my favorite people at faire gallery & cafe, i'll be hosting a diy night on thursday, dec. 3 from 7:30-10:00pm. pack up your latest project & work on it in the company of good people.

although moving to the east side of the hill means i'm there a lot less than i'd like - faire remains one of my favorite places in seattle. the space is warm, good music fills the aire, the art is fun & unexpected, & of course the food & drink are tops. no rsvp necessary, but if you want to invite friends or get it on your calendar, i've got a little something up on facebook.

i'm super excited to annouce that i'll be crossing another item of my 2009 to do list - bring in the new year! click here to download, embed or link the image to your site.


etsy wednesday - bellabas

bellabas is filled with fresh, beautiful clothes that make you want to put on your hunters & walk in the country on a sunny day. i especially enjoy this lovely hook top for $60 & black bell dress for $120.


fashion blitz - for the love of down


i'm in the midst of airing out a horribly musty, but oh so sexy leather bomber jacket. it was on my list of winter must haves & i scared a burnt red one at red light for $45. it's been sitting on our porch for 2 days & hasn't gotten much better. i'm not sure what i'll do next, maybe a fluff cycle with some dryer sheets; i've also heard about putting it in a bag with kitty litter for a month. who knows.

in the meantime, all i can think about is a warm, poofy coat. i almost landed the blue one for $250 at snowboard connection's sample sale, but busted the zipper. i'm digging this one from steve madden for $150 & another from michael kors for only $100. shefinds also has a great list.


found art - alexey malina

i love these digital flowers by russian artist, alexey malina. not to mention the entire portfolio.


music to listen to - wax tailor


wax tailor's in the mood for life is a latest addition to my library. i haven't given it the attention it deserves, but so far it seems pretty fantastic.


handmade days - candy these apples

i want to make some of these delicious treats - it's just that time of year.


etsy wednesday - rennes le chateau


loving these clutches from rennes le chateau.


fashion blitz - easy fashion

browsing through easy fashion - i was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful camille. i love her whole look, from that coral blush to her top shop lace ups. sigh.


found print - christopher russell

i'm all over this print from christopher russell; only $35 over at little paper planes.

found thanks to erin over at design for mankind.


music to listen to - two days of live

i was lucky enough to see two wonderful shows last week & that's it - my music to listen to.

regina spektor has a new album out (far) & played a great show at the paramount. she was an amazing performer, seemed to have a special place in seattle's heart - i didn't want the show to end.

i got in to san francisco on wednesday night, just in time for little dragon's show at the independent. their new album, machine dreams came out in september, but i just picked it up; it's super fun & has the same jazzy vocals as their first album - this time it just takes a few more notes from 80's synth pop.


handmade days - striped vest from fort & field


i'm totally taking a stab at fort & field's striped vest project next week. jessica's blog is filled with great diy projects & totally worth adding to your blogroll.



the first thing i noticed about amose's illustrations is that seem to have some pacific northwest native american influence. there is so much life and mystery to the images - all because of the colors, textures and bold line work it's love. see more on flickr.

via pixelelement.

etsy wednesday - orange poppy

i love all of these embellished necklaces from seattle-based designer rebekah; she sells under the name orange poppy. her work ranges from $34 to $78.


fashion blitz - pulled from lookbook.nu

some of my favorite looks over at lookbook.


found goodness - sunday morning in tacoma

i went down to tacoma this morning for the nw trend show & on my way home i got the chance to snap some pics of pacific avenue. every time i drive this strip i want to bust out the camera; today was the perfect day for it - crisp, blue skies. tacoma is such a beautiful, but seemingly empty. i stare out at the port, all the cranes & large industrial buildings; all of this is paired with a quaint historic avenue with lovely old buildings, museums & public plazas - but it is so quiet.

another tip to all my favorite seattle readers - please please eat at afrikando afrikando. it is so delicious, the price is right & the people are friendly. there are some things you should know before going - it takes a while, the pace is slow & there is no booze (but the juices are to die for, tamarind & ginger, yummm). still, it's some of the best grub i've had in months.


music to listen to - florence + the machine

florence + the machine is my latest love. her vocals are so beautiful yet strong & the whole album is filled with heavy rhythms & beats. it's another great album for a long drive in the country.

check out her beyonce cover, halo. it's pretty much perfect. download a few tracks over at rcrd lbl.