On Vacation

janvon holleben
i'm signing off for the next week plus. take care & enjoy the sun.

image via janvon holleben.

UPDATE: i'm shaking things up in the real world - it looks like my week plus may turn into a month of still dottie absence. stay in touch at iva jean & vi.sualize.us.

music to listen to - here we go magic

here we go magic
the new album (pigeon) from here we go magic is out - pick it up!


handmade days - colorful wrapped twigs

how now design - wrapped twigs tutorial
these are the perfect addition to a bookshelf, credenza or dresser top. love love the wrapped twigs tutorial from how now design.


etsy wednesday - jenny n design

leather briefcase by jenny n design
i need a smart bag - this could be the one. leather briefcase by jenny n design.

fashion blitz - summer breeze

liz s. on lookbook.nu
this outfit feels like summer. i love the long, bare legs paired with a slouchy blazer.


found art - ashkan honarvar

ashkan honarvar
beautiful collage work from iranian born artist (now in the netherlands), ashkan honarvar.


music to listen to - lissie

we are hunted
has done it again - i'm totally obsessed with this kid cudi cover from uk artist lissie. a solid rock covers rap example, download the mp3 here. her album is out in the uk on june 21, us release june 29 (pre-order from amazon now).


handmade days - knot this

knotted jewelry on refinery 29
knotted rope can make some pretty sick jewelry. get your tie on here - lots of great video tutorials.

image via refinery 29.


i am love

must see i am love.

etsy wednesday - the generation

eco ballerina flats from the generation on etsy
perfect slippers from the generation for around the apartment and a quick trip to the mailbox or grocery store.


subjective - belonging to, proceeding from, or relating to the mind of the thinking subject and not the nature of the object being considered.

an adjective i am all too familiar with.

photo via another mag.


fashion blitz - summer dress

primrose dress from horseshoe seattle
this little lady came home with me on sunday. she's perfect, just the piece i needed for my summer wardrobe. i met her at horseshoe on ballard ave in seattle. the sweetest shop; each piece seems handpicked and the staff was super helpful & not at all pushy. also, peek this, this, & this.


found art - 2 ply parachutes

2 ply parachutes
i can usually fall asleep as soon as i put my head on the pillow & close my eyes. last night i found myself lying there with the windows open, my head spinning with feelings of anxiety and heart ache. bart has been out of town for just a few days, but i'm missing him like crazy. i'm not usually one to mush, but here we go...

he decided to take a year for himself just 5 short months ago. after years of a hectic work environment & personal struggles with his hands, it was time for him to fall back in love with art. he wanted to feel like an artist again - feel the joy & passion of storytelling.

like most artists, he'll respond to compliments humbly, but i think his talents are unlike anything i've seen. i miss you b. xo

check out 2 ply parachutes for a peek into his brain.


music to listen to - lusine

lusine has been in my library for a while, but it's just now getting the listen it deserves. check him out at the electric tea garden in seattle on june 25 (think of me as i fly across country for my annual trip to michigan).

armor jewelry

armor jewelry

armor jewelry
thanks to my dearest kristin for sending me to the armor jewelry site. all of the pieces are super sexy - i'm wondering where the sudden love for corset and body jewelry is coming from?

handmade days - get on your bike

contrail bike chalk art
contrail makes it easy. get on your bike & make some street art!



paper planes from dawn ng
while discussing an upcoming project, a friend used the phrase, "something to aspire to." the word is something i think of most days since then.

to hope or dream; to have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal. to have a great ambition or ultimate goal; desire strongly.

to soar.

image via dawn ng.


etsy wednesday - harnesses from norwegian wood

harnesses from norwegian wood

harnesses from norwegian wood
these are hot right? elastic and chain harnesses for $45-$65 from norwegian wood.


fashion blitz - shadowsleeve cardigan

shadowsleeve cardigan from anthropologie

i'm living in this.


an inspiring project via boooom.


music to listen to - tamikrest

been listening to tamikrest for the last few days. metafilter has a good run down of the tichumaren scene.


handmade days - luxe metallic bunnies

ps i made this luxe metallic goodies
this project from ps i made this has me craving some gold spray paint and a trip to the collectibles section at value village. genius.


etsy wednesday - mexchic

mexchic on etsy
it's a beautiful, modest collection and i'd like this for my home - leather blanket strap from mexchic.

fashion blitz - hair by william scott blair

hair by william scott blair, photo by kyle johnson

as i start thinking about styling for upcoming projects, i can't resist dramatic, pretty hair. william scott blair works at vain & has a beautiful portfolio. photography by kyle johnson.


found furniture - patternity

phase bureau from patternity

i want this in my apartment asap. so gorgeous - the phase bureau & furniture collaboration from patternity & toby winteringham.

via another.