music to listen to - black keys

brothers - the latest from the black keys is killing it. xo.


handmade days - geometric tee

fabric paint geometric t-shirt tutorial
another way to bump up a plain tee from spin off stuff. this photo tutorial is super easy to follow - break out the fabric paint!


etsy wednesday - hier apparel

hier apparel on etsy
constantly inspired. this obi bag from hier apparel is on my wishlist. not to mention everything else from her store.


fashion blitz - toy watch

toy watch plasteramic
oprah loves it, sandra bullock wears one. yeah, well i didn't know that when i fell in love with this glow in the dark (looks like jade) toy watch at nordstroms the other day. is $275 for too much for a trendy plastic watch?


found art - design kug

design kug antler handlebars
what do you do with this? love it.

via design kug.


music to listen to - karen elson

i like it. karen elson (yes, the supermodel wife of jack white) has a new album, the ghost who walks, coming out may 25. i've just heard the above track, the album is getting modest reviews. nonetheless, i'm curious to hear it.


handmade days - pencil eraser stamps

pencil eraser stamp tutorial from creature comforts

pencil eraser stamp tutorial from creature  comforts

pencil eraser stamp tutorial from creature  comforts
creature comforts
does it again. this pencil eraser stamp tutorial (with free printable) is perfect for a handmade touch to gifts, cards or labels.


etsy wednesday - replicca

knit cowl dress from replicca
i won't lie - if i could choose a fabric to spend most of my days in it'd be jersey knit, specifically that perfect weight of knit that feels like it's been work to the perfect softness. i understand that this sounds like unrefined taste, but them are the facts. someday i hope to see the pleasures in the finest silks & cashmere. for now, i'll take anything from the etsy shop of replicca, especially this adorable dress. visit her shop for more hoodies, tees, and dresses.

if you have an etsy account where you track favorite shops & items do not ignore the suggested shops tab - if you do, you will greatly regret it.


fashion blitz - leather gloves

easy fashion street style in paris
i saw this look on the bus this morning - navy blazer, camel knee high boots & leather gloves. i thought it looked pretty hot, now i want a pair.

i also saw someone with black trousers and converse high tops a' la j.crew. it looked pretty great, but can i pull the look off with low shoes sans socks?

image via easy fashion.


found tool - vi.sualize.us

anthony lister
a chat over the weekend had me thinking about tools that would prove beneficial to me. the only thing i could think of that google hasn't already taken care of is an easy way to bookmark images. i currently right-click to save all images to my desktop then upload them to picasa libraries. this seems to work for the most part, but how great would it be to just save the thumbnail, then source and tag each image. well kids, it exists via we heart it, ffffound!, and vi.sualize.us (a great review of each here). ffffound! is invite only, boo. we heart it seems a little community intimidating. vi.sualize.us is a plug-in that allows you to right-click & add images to your library, sweet! i'm sold friends - you can check out my collection here.

art via anthony lister.


music to listen to - delorean

i'm in vancouver sitting my lovely canadian friends, so this music post is quick. check delorean's subiza.


handmade days - friendship bracelets

brvtvs bracelets

brvtvs bracelets
i think these bracelets from brvtvs are pretty great - but i bet you could make one for yourself (i might try my hand at it on the car ride to vancouver tomorrow). seems like all you would need is a chunky gold chain, jump rings, clasp, and embroidery floss. stay tuned, i'll let you know how it turns out.



My three sisters are sitting
on rocks of black obsidian.
For the first time, in this light, I can see who they are.

My first sister is sewing her costume for the procession.
She is going as the Transparent lady
and all her nerves will be visible.

My second sister is also sewing,
at the seam over her heart which has never healed entirely
At last, she hopes, this tightness in her chest will ease.

My third sister is gazing
at a dark-red crust spreading westward far out on the sea.
Her stockings are torn, but she is beautiful.

-Adrienne Rich

thanks for my love kacey for sharing.


amanda wachob tattoos

amanda wachob tattoo

amanda wachob tattoo

amanda wachob tattoo

amanda wachob tattoo
amanda wachob's work has me thinking of tattoos in a whole new way. her style is unlike anything else i've seen - such a feminine hand with vibrant colors. i'm about to hop on a plane to new york & let her have her way with me.
pashley poppy bike

public d8 bike
this sunny weather has me fantasizing about a new bike - a candy colored lovely for my own. i'd love to get around town any of these sweet pieces - the pashley poppy or the public d8 in creme.

yes please

yes please lifestyle blog
i need another beautiful lifestyle blog to follow like i need a hole in the head. but yes please is just too good to ignore. the image above is from one of her bash please styling shoots. yum.

etsy wednesday - metal storage

metal storage from hammermann on etsy
this would be lovely on a shelf, in my apartment. hammermann's shop is stock full of gorgeous goods.


fashion blitz - summer linen

mmmmm - summer linens with a pop of color. spring 2010 from heidi merrick.

via coco+kelley.


found art - jeremy geddes

jeremy geddes art

jeremy geddes art
my sunny sunday was spent flipping through the latest hi-fructose (along with rework, a great book from a good friend, highly recommended). there was a feature on jeremy geddes - swoon. his work feels so mysterious - his subjects really do seem to be floating.


music to listen to - sonnymoon

it's been on repeat since last saturday. listen here, download their golden age album here for free.



ladies - let's just take a second for ourselves. maybe with this track playing in the background.

handmade days - shredded tee

shredded t-shirt from outsapop
childhood flames shows you how to make a shredded t-shirt with a step by step tutorial in english (based on this finnish one).

if you'd rather just spring for one, outsapop & urban revisions these bad boys on etsy.


etsy wednesday - nonfiction tees

nonfiction tees on etsy

nonfiction tees on etsy

nonfiction tees on etsy
nonfiction tees might just be a solid source for my t-shirt collection. minerals, color theory, ink splotches, what more do you need?


emmet gowin

emmit gowin
looking through old pics of my time in london - i still love this photograph by american photographer, emmet gowin.

melemine lunch box at lark handmade

melamine lunch box at lark handmade
isn't this perfect for a weekend picnic?! lark handmade reminds me so much of the gronlykke shops in copenhagen.

fashion blitz - military inspired

marching orders from style.com

marching orders from style.com

marching orders from style.com
i inherited a great little olive green military jacket that i've been unable to take of lately (thanks kc). it seems perfect with black slacks or distressed jeans & i can't help but wear a super girly silk scarf with it.

much more inspiration over at style.com & their spring 2010 marching order trend report.


found art - paul tebbott

paul tebbott
london based designer paul tebbott & his oh-so perfect work here, here & for sale here.