music to listen to - see-line

see-line woman
she drink coffee
she drink tea
and then go home
see-line woman

i'm singing this song today. i'm loving this version by masters at work. i'm thinking of this version by feist.


handmade days - friendship pins

i'm feeling nostalgic for elementary school crafts & wise craft has just the answer - friendship pins. i think it sounds like a fun, kitschy gift idea for those special people in your life; i want one with strawberry on it. in case you decide to make your own, here is a quick tutorial for creating your own patterns.

another one with love for old school, friendship craft is for me, for you writer kate. she does sporadic batches of fresh necklaces inspired by our old favorite - floss friendship bracelets. check her blog for shop updates.


etsy wednesday - acorn love

mighty oaks from little acorns grow. some say that the acorn is seen as a symbol for potential strength & virility, as well as of regeneration. coming from the mighty oak, the acorn has qualities of fecundity & patience, & urging those who start small projects to persevere.

i was given a small acorn by a friend before i moved out to seattle almost five years ago; it still sits on my dresser to this day. this wednesday, i'd like to share some acorn love from just jayne for just $21.

christopher st. leger

there is something so magical about watercolor. christopher st. leger has a beautiful portfolio of cityscapes, skateboarders, & so much more.

via design you trust.


fashion blitz - benny horne

i'm attracted to this shirt, i've always been a sucker for shear, conservative button ups.

photo via benny horne via so much to tell you. check out his portfolio for some gorgeous fashion portraits.

craft is a starting place

i stumbled upon this fantastic quote from british ceramic artist, edmund de waal today, via evilin kasikov.

"craft is a starting place, a set of possibilities.
it avoids absolutes, certainties, over-robust definitions, solace.
if offers places, interstices, where object and people meet.
it is unstable, contingent.
it is about experience.
it is about desire.
it can be beautiful."


found photography - you are ace

such a sweet shot of lovely keita on the roof top. london based photographer, jesal - you are ace

via design for mankind


music to listen to - el perro del mar

i’ve finally given love is not pop from el perro del mar its deserved listen. it’s amazing, even better than the last.

i'm pretty sure this album pulled me through the last week. i find myself totally lost in my headphones these days, making time go by in the most pleasurable way.

her on a roof top with lykke li thanks to strath. see her & taken by trees at triple door in seattle, february 26. i say her there a couple years back (with lykke li & anna ternheim, it's the perfect venue for a mellow show.


handmade days - envelopes

i have a huge stack on magazines that have got to go & i'm pretty sure i found the best way to do it. envelopes! i was inspired by these beauties from jessprkle, so gorgeous. she has a great eye for color and texture. well, the next thing is a tutorial right? how about this one - it seems pretty simple & the sizing can be adjusted depending on your card or note size.


etsy wednesday - thrush




thrush has one of the best vintage collections i've seen on etsy. dresses, sweaters, shoes, glasses, gold neckties, tops, skirts - i love it all.

of course, i have to give a mention to my necklaces on sale at still dottie.


fashion blitz - lily + jae

don't these images make you want to hop into their clothes?! those orange tights - the big energy of a classic skirt & blouse combo. the discovery of lily + jae - thanks to please sir.


found art - will bryant

part of will bryant's make something not that cool everyday series on flickr - this print makes me smile.


limited edition necklaces for sale!

i've just launched a limited edition line of necklaces over at still dottie's etsy site. go check them out now!

music to listen to - seattle hip hop

seattle is breaking out right now. i went to see shabazz palaces last friday & am still wishing i was there (the stranger is flipping out too). head over to dottie tunes for a full list on groups not to miss, along with links to their sites.

handmade days - big ol' beads

this is such a fun & easy project! these wooden bead necklaces kind of remind me of the ones in this post a while back, just a little more boho.

i think this would be a perfect girls' night project. ohhhhh ideas.


etsy wednesday - le coeur humain

i'd love to do a series of these in the bathroom or maybe the hearts in the bedroom. le coeur humain has a wonderful collection of vintage medical prints - don't you think they'd look quite lovely hanging by a silver binder clip?


fashion blitz - braids

more beauty than fashion - more style than beauty. i'm so inspired by big, chunky braids. dear hair, please grow fast & thick.

images from ulrika kestere, kathryn michelle, & kinneidigh garrett.


found photography - doubleveka & marcos chin

great photo blog from french photographer, doubleveka.

colorful illustrations from marcos chin.


sneak peak at the latest

new jewelry from still dottie. more to come next week!

music to listen to - lykke li covers kings of leon

recorded in portland. my love again, lykke li.


handmade days - top 100 tutorials of 2009

thanks to the long thread for this killer round up.

via craft:


etsy wednesday - for me for you

i love this print from kate miss (aka for me, for you).


fashion blitz - 2010 predictions from refinery 29

it's always fun to see what the experts see coming down the pipeline. what will actually make it off the runway & onto the bodies of the fashion obsessed or mainstream buyers. this prediction from refinery 29 is a lot of fun to peak at & i'm in full support of a lot of it - shear shirts, turquoise, bauhaus, velvet & patent, temporary tats. check out the full article here at refinery 29.

other articles about the past year & year ahead: what would the 00's have been without the olsens (complete with slideshow - i'm such a sucker for the twins), street style's best dressed in 2009, and caution - curves ahead.

via because i'm addicted.


2010 to do list

it's that time of year where i take a few to reflect on the last year & look forward to the next. i'm still convinced that i'll never be someone with a five year plan & i definitely don't believe in setting deadlines for ourselves (age ain't nothin' but a number & you never know where life will take you). however, every year i like to make a list of things i hope to accomplish or at least take a stab at. 2010 is no different, so here goes - some are just smile makers & others are more substantial.

take time for more self reflection & goal setting. i was thinking of taking time once a month to look back on what i've accomplished within that month, what i'm grateful for or proud of, as well as what i hope to accomplish in the next month.

scale back spending. i started using mint which i love - now it's time to look at that savings account & pick something to save for. my europe trip was such a motivator to pass up an anthropologie shopping trip.

quality and second-hand purchases. i've done this for a while now, but i'd like to put this out there to build a stronger commitment. from clothes to furniture & craft supplies to household goods i'd like to make sure that everything i do decide to spend my money on will last for a long time or have been lightly used before. it's my tiny effort to be a more modest consumer.

up my baking skills. bread, pastries, cakes - i'd love to become a more proficient baker.

become a better snowboarder. i must get over this fear of speed & i'm thinking that working on my technical riding skills through practice, possible instruction & finally deciding to get a helmet i can do it.

read more. i don't read that often. i'm not just talking books - i mean articles, blog posts too - i'm a scanner if there ever was one. ohhh what a pretty picture. my brain is shrinking.

paint my nails more often. i love my berry nails today even though they are chipped - bright colored nails make me smile.

rededicate myself to my profession, bring new energy to my job & continue to learn. this shouldn't be too hard, just a matter of doing it. i'm also hoping to get 2-3 hours of lynda training every week to become a better designer.

get iva jean rides off the ground. that's all i have to say about it other than if you are a seamstress in the seattle area & feel like taking on a side project - shoot me an email.

play with watercolor. i'd love to take a class, but maybe in the spring. until then i'm hoping to pick up some paper, brushes & paints to play with.

dance more. in my living room, in the streets & with my friends.

found films

i'm baaacckkkkk. it's been such a wonderful week & i can hardly believe how the time has flown by. i'll be spending some more time reflecting on the week & on the year, but for now - let's talk movies. i saw three fantastic ones over my break & i still can't pick a favorite.

a single man - tom ford's directorial debut. the film was depressing, gorgeous, & sexy - i'm still dreaming about julianne moore's dress, colin firth's suits & the amazing colors. see the trailer here & if you're in seattle, see the movie at harvard exit.

up in the air - the oh so popular clooney movie. this was another gorgeous movie that's story pulls at your heartstrings & makes you think about love & just how much weight you carry in your backpack. see the trailer here.

an education - co-written by nick hornby. a dream about lust, romance, trust & of course - an education. it will make you want to visit paris and fantasize about seeing the whole world with deep pockets. see the trailer here.