i heart rummage this sunday

i heart rummage at chop suey - still dottie showing

for real this time, i'll be there selling my goods from noon to 4pm. i heart rummage at chop suey this sunday, march 1.

music to listen to

a.c. newman from brooklyn vegan

new pornographers' front man, a.c. newman's solo albums are a recent (& killer) acquirement. like a hitman, like a dancer, like most of his stuff, gives me a little jolt right when i need it. i highly recommend picking these up.

image via brooklyn vegan.


etsy wednesday

floral ring from naventin - still dottie etsy finds

i love me some exaggerated rings & this one caught my eye. barcelona artist, naventin makes each piece by hand & carries items ranging from $60-$200. there is something so raw about her stuff - of course, with a little feminine touch.

medicine for melancholy

medicine for melancholy

i went to see medicine for melancholy last night at the northwest film forum. the movie, directed by barry jenkins, is dialogue heavy, for sure, as it follows two african american 20somethings the morning after in san francisco. i thought it was stunning & capturing. everything from the cinematography (high saturation with a fantastic color correction in post production) to the music, the acting to the conversation - it had me.

we were lucky enough to have jenkins at the show with us & had the chance for q&a following the film. read paul constant's review at the stranger & see the trailer here - i encourage all of you to see it, go - go now & see it. it's here til monday.


fashion blitz

i'm retraining my shopping mind to european travel - this week are some items that i'd love to pack in my bag.

still dottie fashion blitz - toast fashion
these pants are lovely & perfect for pairing with some leather sandals. i'll be stopping by toast while in london for sheezy, but until then i'll swoon over the goods online.

still dottie fashion blitz - piper lime flats
these flats might be perfect for days that involve less walking, isn't that heel to die for?!

still dottie fashion blitz - tote by neiko designs on etsy
this bag - yes please.

still dottie fashion blitz - urban top
doesn't this top look cozy enough to wear on a train ride?

still dottie fashion blitz - anthropologie knit top
i love the gathered detail of this knit top - i actually have a tote with similar details hanging on my inspiration wall.


found fish & signage

still dottie found post pike street fish fry

the sign is bigger than the place (i'm convinced that the umbrella wasn't there before this weekend) & it makes me giggle every time i see it. pike street fish fry is located just outside neumos & has some of the yummiest fish & chips on capitol hill. i love the sign, the type on the window & their deep fried tuna.

image from lopolis.


music to listen to

it's a two-fer today & you owe it to strath over at pacific standard. don't let either of these albums pass you by - i'm serious, don't even think about it.

here we go magic is perfect - i'm not sure how to describe it, again i'd be a terrible critic. the thing that strikes me about this self-titled album is the rhythm, it's the first thing you grab or rather, grabs you. after that, it's the constant surprise & the soft vocals keeping you there.

horse feathers
is another album that blew my mind. i can't quite detach my heartstrings from american folk right now. a house with no home feels like the farmhouse, a place i often miss & wish i could be spending my saturday. while portland-based, this album feels like home.


craigslist finds

still dottie craigslist finds

i'd like all of these things. all of them - in my home! danish credenza, $350; ; mod lighting, $200; mid century modern chair, $250; mid century dining set, $450.


etsy wednesday

still dottie etsy picks pale woods & co

still dottie etsy picks pale woods & co

still dottie etsy picks pale woods & co

pale woods & co has a modest, yet beautiful collection of vintage goods. all reasonable priced between $17-$27.

& that chair in the header & used for staging - want it!


dark was the night

this can't wait til friday.dark was the night is a must buy compilation featuring grizzly bear, feist, bon iver, yeasayer, sufjan stevens, cat power, beirut & oh so many more from 4ad. seriously, go get it now.

a special thank you to pacific standard for posting train song - for this, i will be forever grateful.

fashion blitz

still dottie fashion blitz

still dottie fashion blitz

still dottie fashion blitz

the perfect spring get up if you ask me - j.crew's new arrivals, sam edelman flats & a classic men's timex watch.


found texture

real life is hectic, but this detail is pretty. taken in south lake union's industrial area, enjoy.


music to listen to

this is all i can think about - lykke li at the showbox tonight & the possibility of another tribe cover.

salted caramel makes my heart pitter patter

salted caramel buttercream frosting from chockylit

i highly recommend making this salted caramel buttercream frosting - put it on some devils food chocolate cupcakes & sprinkle them with sea salt or eat it with a spoon. it's too die for.

image from chockylit.


craigslist finds

still dottie craigslist finds

how perfect is this bar?! $495 from area 51 right here in seattle.


etsy wednesday

rosie music on etsy

rosie music has the sweetest prints - cute couples, umbrellas & birds. each print ranges from $25 to $50. i want this peach umbrella print soooo bad.

hidden message felt hearts

i wanted to make something sweet for my nieces this valentines day & with lots of felt laying around i decided to find a way to use it. what i ended up with is a three layer heart, accented with contrasting stitching & a pocket for a hidden valentine - what you end up with is an easy to follow tutorial.

what you need:
3 - 6" square pieces of felt
embroidery needle
embroidery floss, split into 3 piece strands

1. fold one square felt piece in half & with the fold in hand cut out a half-heart shape.
2. repeat with the other 2 felt squares, following the pattern.
3. grab hearts a & b, coming up from behind on the top left section of heart a, follow around with a straight stitch. leave the top section open by ending the stitch at the same spot on the top right section of heart a. tie off each end with a knot.
4. after threading a needle, pull up from the back of just heart a & tie off the end.
5. take hearts a & b (with needle pulled through) & heart c in hand & line them up.
6. follow the outline of heart b with a straight stitch & stop with a 2" opening.
7. fill the hearts with batting, don't fill too much.
8. close the hearts with continued stitching, tie off behind heart b.
9. to keep the thread behind the second smallest heart, take the needle behind & pull up through another area of heart b. pull taught (scrunching some of the felt) & trim, now you can pull the hearts back to their normal standing & the thread should disappear behind heart b.

10. cut a small heart from construction paper or cardstock. write your message & tuck it into heart a's pocket.

follow the picture led tutorial here & happy valentines day!


cycle chic

copenhagen cycle chic

have i told you yet that i'm going to be spending four weeks in europe? have i told you how pumped i am?! have i mentioned that i'll be visiting london, stockholm, copenhagen, berlin & other parts of germany? have i admitted that i mainly want to go to copenhagen so i can ride a bike looking this adorable?

image of ellen page from copenhagen cycle chic.


new glasses - finally

o&x glasses - fog

i got new glasses, i want to put them on my face this instant. i really wanted something translucent & either in a warm grey or brown, these ones fit the bill.

found type

hannah, handwritten type designed by travis stearns for youworkforthem

hannah, handwritten type designed by travis stearns for youworkforthem

i think i'll get this lovely handwritten, sans serif type. hannah was designed by travis stearns for youworkforthem.


music to listen to

super busy at the day job. but this album is getting me through the day.


craigslist finds

still dottie craigslist finds

i'd love a new place to eat my dinner - mid-century dining, $100; teak dining, $385; 6 piece dining set, $450.


etsy wednesday

bake it pretty on etsy

bake it pretty on etsy

bake it pretty on etsy

bake it pretty on etsy

bake it pretty - you know - i'll just take the entire inventory. thanks.


lizzie fortunato jewelry

lizzie fortunato jewels

lizzie fortunato jewels

lizzie fortunato jewelry - isn't it lovely?! sigh, it's expensive too.

found via design dig.

fashion blitz

here are some things i can't get off my brain. things i think i need, items i could probably live without - but what the heck.

nebb - moscot original glasses on still dottie

nebb - moscot orginials. i originally saw these on for me, for you. i'm going to find something as close as possible on friday.

volcom jacket at snowboard connection or dogfunk

volcom mezzanine jacket for days like this gorgeous one.

hobo international, dana line

hobo international, dana line

a hobo clutch & handbag. sigh.


found dancing

dj res, seattle

i had the best night of dancing in a long time (as in, maybe the best night in seattle ever) on friday night. it involved a beautiful space (as in, sole repair) & a fantastic dj (as in, dj res). she killed it, mixing tracks including mgmt & lykke li - i danced my ass off for 3 hours straight.

check out her myspace profile & upcoming show dates. i'll be there, you should too.

i heart rummage goods

still dottie goods for i heart rummage

still dottie goods for i heart rummage

still dottie goods for i heart rummage

still dottie goods for i heart rummage

still dottie goods for i heart rummage

yeah yeah yeah, i put it off again. i decided against showing at i heart rummage on sunday because of the super bowl (not that i watched it), birthday brunch & the extreme craziness of january. maybe a silly decision, but march 1st seemed much more enticing.

in the meantime i've been slowing building up inventory, which i might add is still pretty modest. to see all the goods, check out my profile at i heart rummage's ning site or my picasa album . i'd been slacking on good images of my stuff too & thought that with the new camera i could get some nice shots. then i found this tutorial over on craft: a few weeks back & it seemed perfect for me. if definitely suggest it for a quick, easy photography solution.

guest project at favecrafts

i posted a comprehensive guide to flower & feather accessories at favecrafts. i'm super excited that caley invited me over for the day! so go on now, check it out.