music to listen to

it's too hot for furniture*, but nothing pairs with the heat like some hip hop. this split screen video from kid cudi is nothing but eye candy, that's not even mentioning the common & kanye appearances.

have a fantastic weekend, enjoy the summer heat & take a dip in the water.

*i missed craigslist finds, but i just can't focus on vintage in heat like this.


etsy wednesday

it's frickin' hot here in seattle. i need to cool down a little; these will do dominion table top for $42 from red eye vintage or your trusty ge for $54 from back garage.


fashion blitz

some of my favorite chictopia looks today.


found place

bart & i ventured out for a night at shi shi beach in the olympic national park this weekend; i now feel like an official seattle resident. after a much longer drive (route) out there, we arrived at the trailhead about 4pm on saturday. i suggest taking a three day weekend for all of you; between the ferry schedule, stopping for permits & bear canisters, obtaining a makah permit & driving the windy 112 - you'd be surprised how long the 160 mile venture actually takes.

the hike from our car to the campsite was just under 3 miles - .6 miles to the trailhead & 1.7 into the beach. the hike was fairly flat, but muddy with a steep (but short) descent to the beach. before seeing the ocean you find yourself in a tunnel of trees that seems a bit haunting, needles & dead branches line a long walkway parallel to the beach. the beach was fogged in almost completely but we were optimistic. our neighbors led us to a prime driftwood location after we set up the tent & we started a fire. dinner was quick & was finished off with a beautiful sunset breaking the fog. all along the beach you could see campers gravitating to the shore as this was the first sunset in days. bart & i spent some time running around & admiring the now exposed scenery.

we woke up early morning & spent hours discovering the tide pools. knowing that the drive would be a lot of the day, we packed everything up around 1 & headed back to the car. the drive was beautiful & fueled by a fat smitty burger & shake. we got home a bit later than planned, but were happy to have made the journey.


one night stand

i'll take this little 80" sleeper from blu dot today. affordable ($1800), rated well by dwell, styley.

music to listen to

bart sent me this while i was abroad; i heard brighton port authority's seattle this am on kexp. love love love love for my man & the song (one more than the other).


craigslist finds

for whatever reason i am drawn to this couch. danish, marigold, sleeper, $400.


etsy wednesday

today continues with necklaces, this time from minneapolis based etsy seller ferociter. her pieces range from delicate to exaggerated, brooches to necklaces, $6-120.


fashion blitz

i used to be a dangly earrings kind of gal, but after committing to plugs i've had to find other ways to accessorize. the last year has been one of scarves & rings, & lately i've been sporting my classic timex or plastic bangles. i can't help but want to start something new & the necklaces from dinasour designs are right up my alley if not a bit much.

found via creature comforts.


found art

New York Artist, Jacob Hashimoto. After seeing this on Colectiva, I realized he was the artist I swooned over at the Saatchi Gallery.


music to listen to

a day or so late, but the full passion pit album, manners, is totally worth getting your hands on.


craigslist finds

this is my top dining/work table contender. i want something with clean lines but masculine (either chunky, dark or both) & this seems to do that for under $300. now i just need to find a mix of fun dining chairs like these: chrome & vinyl set for $110, or 4 wicker stendig armchairs for $120.


etsy wednesday

london based designer a alicia has the sweetest accessories from $22 to $40.

ring true

i'd like this ring on my finger. via the art escape plan.


fashion blitz

i'm currently living in american apparel pencil skirts, h&m tube tops & my bp patent flats. all three are the best purchases i've made in a while; perfect for ecclectic accessories or kept simple with a nice chunky necklace.

100 layer cake

100 layer cake is a website, newsletter & blog all about crafting the perfect wedding. i was browsing graphic-exchange when these mood boards blew me away. it's an endless supply of inspiration from real life stories to color palettes, save the date ideas to dresses.


found shop

we stopped into great stuff during the georgetown artwalk & a night of stellar pizza & 9lb hammer drinks. store owner & good hunter extraordinaire, kirk, was more than happy to chat us up & make sure we gave the nice mannequin a squeeze. each item feels hand picked, serves as a great conversation starter & seems like a possibility for whimsy in any home.

check out last march's write up from decorno (obviously hipper to the scene than me).

image via vklahti.


music to listen to

since i've been home the music has been rolling in, largely in part to my dear friends the stranger (line out), jaime & matt. here are some highlights.

the physics - download high society for free here.

miike snow's cult logic, pick up the self-titled album now.

east coast duo the juan maclean.


craigslist finds

i'm back to making my house (apt) a home. some things have changed in planning a bit. we're thinking about getting a large table for the front room that can double as a work space & an entertainment spot. maybe we'll pair it with a cozy chair & side table. i'm also looking for a small cabinet or dresser for dvd storage - something similar to the above.

highboy dresser
, $60 & this lusty teak dining table, $900.


drop sequence by snowblinded

can i have this? mm-hmm.

part of the artcrank poster shows.

etsy wednesday

love this old shirt has an assortment of bracelets, necklaces & scarves all upcycled from (you guessed it) old t-shirts. the shop showcases colorful, playful pieces running you between $5-20.


potato stamps with arugula press

while searching through my flickr contacts, i discovered a set from arugula press showcasing an adorable v-neck t with grey potato print. find the set here & tutorial from caitlan mociun here. this is on my list of things to make.

fashion blitz

there was so much to take in while in europe. it seemed that every time i stepped outside i saw someone in a fantastic pair of shoes or a beautiful jacket, but the thing that struck me the most was the effortless chic that must be a birth right in the eu.

because i'm not much of a narrative writer, i'll give you my observations via bullets.

- most women seem to be wrapped in simple, classic pieces enhanced with pretty scarves, layered jewelry or trendy heels
- a lot of the "kids" could be found in acne jeans, thrift store tops & chuck taylors
- many of the styles are loose & flowing tops paired with skinny or fitted bottoms or vice verse
- elastic or drawstring ankles on flowing bottoms were often part of casual & high fashion peeps
- leather bomber jackets, ray bans & chuck taylors are required
- there is no thing as too short

image via face hunter


found hair

the days of plat may be over - i want her cut & color. i'm also having extension thoughts & am hoping to have the convo with my stylist tomorrow.

back to our regular postings

flying south over the city, i noticed everyone on the plane glued to their windows. as i looked out over the sound, with the olympics on the horizon, i realized that there is no better place to be in the summer months. the plane was filled with chatter & sighs of amazement - i couldn't have agreed more.

i'm so glad to be back. back with bart, sleeping in my lovely apartment, awaiting visits with friends & with a renewed desire to discover this city. enjoy your monday, take a minute to show appreciation for wherever it is that you call home.


shoes in london

there were a few things that i found in london that fought hard to get into my luggage. i decided to take their pictures instead, hoping to see them in the future. first, i'm loving these kawasaki shoes. perfect street shoes with tons of color, i'm not convinced they are available in the states yet. adidas boating shoes - yummmmmm. again, i'm having a hard time finding these online, but i give it a couple months (or i can stick marques on shoe duty).

my last day abroad

saturday night in london was a ton of fun. we went out dancing & found ourselves on crowded dance floors celebrating the music of michael jackson. on our trip home we grabbed tall boys of stella & donner kebabs - ohhhhh late night london. the next day we headed out on foot to hamstead heath (a great spot for panoramic views of london without the $40 price), stopping at chewie's bakery & deli on the way. i'll tell you, i was pooped on my last night in london & spent the night packing, napping & watching to boob tube.

i went into total body shutdown (tbs) the minute i arrived in michigan. i meant to post about my last day in london when i got home, but i've had a hard time even getting out of my pajamas. it's been chilly & rainy here in fife lake, but it's nice to be with my family, cozed up playing cards, baking & lounging around.