press the start button

in the last few months i've found myself spending more time putting myself out there. making my past times, opinions and current status accessible for people to see, indefinitely. it started with myspace and then onto gmail. myspace, i resisted it, protested it and as usual caved the minute i realized how much guilt-ridden fun it created. a gmail account makes blogging (blogger beta) and picture posting (picasa) impossible to resist, it's like a big red start button every time you log on.

so here i am, starting a blog, which will cause me to rethink the whole thing tomorrow morning, torment over the "delete blog" button and then think of or see something that inspires me to post it. i'm not 100% sure what the goal of stilldottie will be, and as a girl with a marketing degree and neurotic tendancies, there will be a strategic plan supporting it. he he.

i've pressed it...so get ready for my 2 cents on a little bit of everything.

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