regretfully yours

i missed the cut chemist show on october 25th here in seattle. it's true, i don't know why or how it happened; the venue was in walking distance of my place. maybe because it was a wednesday night before a big weekend or because my halloween costume had taken over all mental reasoning. anyhow, i bought his new album the audience is listening on monday. it's incredible, the track the garden got me and what's the altitude makes me become the asshole rocking out in the driver's seat on the way home from the gym.

my first memory of cut chemist was back in april 2003, when i saw jurassic 5 in grand rapids, mi. the show was a lot of fun and after was even better. a friend had let charlie in on a little secret and we were then able to have a beer with them in their dressing room. i noticed that neither cut chemist or dj nu-mark hung out. after we had worn out the welcome, we hopped in our car and began to drive away. i looked over toward the dumpsters behind the venue and begged the driver to slow down...there sat cut chemist, smoking a cigarette on top of a large green dumpster. i rolled down the window, yelled "great show," he nodded and lifted the hand holding the smoke and then we drove off. i always thought of him a little differently after that night.

my point is, check out this album.

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