we've only just begun...

the tragedy of "day after thanksgiving" has begun. christmas decorations are up in store windows and homes, christmas music floods all consumer venues and people all over america are shopping for the perfect gift. i'm sure you saw the ads telling resident crazies to hit the mall and favorite department store at 6am (or earlier) in a shameless attempt to save a buck on mediocre gifts...but for me, i resisted by flopping right on the couch with a cup of coffee and my knitting needles. i am hoping that most of my gifts for family & friends this year will have a little blood, sweat & tears in it. the first and foremost of this adventure will be self-designed christmas cards for all those living miles & miles away...and the rest, well that's a secret.

the diy and urban crafting has become a huge movement. i find now, that i can hardly get the supplies for one idea before i see something even more intriguing...where does a person begin? i don't consider my self a serious crafter, i don't have a booth, i don't sell anything or make mass quantities of one genre of craft; i simply dabble (i also love that word). i have found that i can get a lot of ideas on the craft magazine blog. i'm a huge fan; i found this blog after being sent a link from their sister site make magazine blog. they have links to local crafting events, podcasts and craft resources. the other great thing about this site is that people are more than happy to share details patterns & instructions.

the reason i write this today (other than my personal attempt at homemade and/or handmade holiday gifts) is that i am also really excited about the urban craft uprising next weekend in seattle. there will be over 100 vendors on dec 2nd & 3rd at the seattle center exhibition hall from 11am through 5pm. it will be my first trip there, but have heard nothing but great things about it.

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