a friend forwarded me an article in the seattle times today titled "rest in peace, pumps; buh-bye, boot-cuts." the article is written by ap member, samantha critchell. the premise of the article states that the two fashion staples flattering all women's body types are now taboo. seriously, pumps & boot-cuts aren't just "not the latest trend" but a faux paux. my heart dropped.

i hate to sound like a girl that would change her entire style because some guy in new york tells her she should. but i do like to feel fashionable & young. i also hate to submit to a trend that is unflattering & that is exactly what skinny & straight leg jeans are on me (i was once told that i am not the type of girl that should wear skinny jeans, although this person insists it has nothing to do with body type...mmm hmm). i ask myself again, "why does the fashion industry design for the 5-9, 110 lb woman?"

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