wallpaper hypocrite

i remember talking to my mom on the phone about a year ago, cringing as she let me know that her big weekend event would be wallpapering the downstairs bathroom. ugh! wallpaper! i was not surprised, i was sure it would be forest green & cream colored with a coordinating border of loons or wildlife. i was right, i went home to visit last summer and found exactly what i had anticipated.

why do i write about this? because i have spent many hours searching online for the perfect victorian inspired wallpaper (preferably the exact wallpaper from the apartment in lucky number sleven). i have become a wallpaper hypocrite. i always swore that wallpaper was the devil's craft (bear in mind i also mocked my mother's cross stitching obsession)...well, no longer.

i still rent, so full wall covering is not an option. a carpenter friend of mine cut me three 16 x 16 panels that i hope to cover and hang. that way, my lovely victorian wallpaper can travel with me. i will post pics as soon as complete my project & find antlers to compliment it.

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