lobster tails & prime rib

it could be the hardest i laughed in a long time (or since i heard that she had won it). my dad sent me this picture of my sister on her "shop til you drop" experience at kalkaska, mi's northland mall (ie grocery store that sells carharts, liquor & fake designer jeans & juicy suits).

i talked to my sister since the spree. she let me know that she got a lot of meat & coffee, that her daughters ran close behind her & that she got 4 lobster tails that she swears were at least 2 years old.

my parent's are retired & living in fife lake, which is a beautiful, yet very very rural lake in northern mi. they worked in kalkaska (about 15 minutes away) & stay involved in local politics & non-profits. my sister & her family ventured up in december to participate in a winter fest to raise money for hospice (that my mom sits on the board for). she entered a raffle for a $500 grocery shopping spree & was pleased to find out that she was in fact...the winner!

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