piles of projects

my latest endeavor has been a three-panel series of two-color damask paintings. i am halfway there (i started over after hating the first color combo) & am pretty happy with the results this far. i hope to have them done by the end of next week. keep your eyes peeled!

the real problem here is that the project ideas keep pouring in. i purchased my new sewing machine (it is still in the box), i got a new knitting book for christmas (that has patterns waiting for me to attack), my screen printing kit is still in the box (but supplies for the inaugural project have been purchased) & my passion for extra-curricular print design has been waiting to be tapped again. i've decided to prioritize my projects, so here it is: finish wall panels, screen printing (can't mention specific project since it's a gift for one of my few subscribers...you think it's you huh?) & then the scarf pictured above. to me, it's perfect for the weather from march to may, tshirts & big scarfs hurray! it will be almost 6 feet by 1 foot, tweed, lined with silk or something silky & have some sort of detail. i figured that detail will be screen printing, embroidery or buttons.


Ragan said...

that scarf is amazing -- can i commission one :) you should ditch the working world and set up camp at the fremont fair! needed resource: http://www.amazon.com/Anti-9-5-Guide-Practical/dp/1580051863/sr=8-3/qid=1172197168/ref=sr_1_3/104-9119346-2690317?ie=UTF8&s=books

dottie said...

live link to my future just kidding work (he he)