a single tear fell...

she's gone. in our two years together i'd never figured out whether she was a boy or a girl; in fact, it had never really mattered. she was mine & we went everywhere together, but last night, as we said goodbye, it was clear that my girl was going to miss me.

i spent yesterday cleaning out my car (finding campfire roasting sticks, my michigan license plate, a frisbee, a putter & the jumper cables i never knew i had). it was time to turn it in. i drove up to 170th & aurora ave n where the car dealer (ugh, i can't handle car salesmen) took my keys, wrote down the mileage & my vin #. i signed the paper & called gmac. it was over, it was official: i am now carless. i caught the 358 express into the city; i fell asleep on the bus & woke up at the same time that lake union came into view. i knew then, that my bus adventures would be far more adventurous than those as a driver. goodbye malibu maxx, gmac & commuter traffic.

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