young hov

after losing this album way too many years ago...it's back in my possession & i couldn't be happier. jay-z unplugged, backed by non other than the roots crew!

the tracks:
girls, girls, girls (why you treat me like animal?)
jigga what, jigga who
big pimpin'
heart of the city
can i get a...
hard knock life
ain't no
can't knock the hustle
i just wann love you
jigga that n***@


Ragan said...

lucky for you that you have such cool hip hop loyalist friend like me! :)

divya said...

omg make me a copy, along with the JT album! I had it all on MP3 from college, but that computer is long gone...

dottie said...

i can't stop listening to this. i used to love jaguar wright (after losing this album) & never realized she was singing a lot of the hooks.