30 peeps

easter sunday included 15 lbs of lamb, 4.5 lb poached salmon & 30 of my favorite people. it started on saturday afternoon with 3 hours at the market getting the meat, veggies & flowers. then chris & teresa came over yesterday at noon to head up the kitchen, their work always results in good food. i will leave this side of the story to chris, who i'm sure will write about it soon.

while they worked their magic with food, i made a playlist, place cards, napkin rings (simple yellow cotton blend cut into 7"x3" strips, stitched together & vintage button attached) & set the table. although i did make my sour cream cookies & deviled eggs chris says it best, "she was in charge of table aesthetics."

i have to say that i could not be more grateful for my friends. chris & teresa were fantastic (no surprise) to make such a huge effort. thank you to ragan & craig, justin & yachi & eric for bringing flatware, dishes & serving dishes. i also want to send a big thanks to all you who brought delicious dishes to pass, yummy pies & cakes, wine & beer, bunny bread & peeps. i had such a great time, what a fantastic group of people to celebrate, eat, drink & spend time with. thanks again!

there were lots of cameras, i'll update the links.

here are mine.

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