edible books

divya, stina & i entered a cake for the second annual cook the books, the edible books festival on sunday. our take on james & the giant peach by roald dahl: a two layer vanilla cake filled with peaches & whipped cream frosting, decorated with a variety of characters in the book & our favorite james (or the best looking james), james dean.

the event was held at greenwood space travel supply on sunday afternoon. the cool thing about the venue was that we all got to teleport. thank god there was someone helping us because divya & i were really close to teleporting together & apparently atoms can sometimes get mixed up in the process. that would have created the most neurotic bad ass ever! there was a great turnout, rumored to be a better one than last year. there were moments of claustrophobia, but once 3 o'clock hit & we dived into the entries, all was good. we also got photographed & interviewed for seattle metropolitan; we wonder if it's because we are cute or our cake was cute.

check out more pics.

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