gone to vain

i cut my hair off on monday. i haven't determined whether it's really drastic or really safe; either way i will not be posting pictures of myself (but i'm posting the picture i took to the stylist saying, "i like this, but just shorter") because i like people's reactions in the real world. there seems to be an underlying feeling that all women look better with long hair, so people often give me the "ooooh, her long hair was so much nicer" look while saying, "you got your hair cut..." there's this awkward moment where some people are deciding whether or not to edit their opinion (i mostly look forward to this encounter with chris my most blunt friend next to divya, who i believe has already approved or at least she wasn't all awkward, giving false compliments at first site).

this whole post is less about me & more about vain & my new favorite stylist bijou. first, vain is a combo hair salon, art gallery & retail front in belltown. the space is huge, with open architecture & has great music playing. you can also check most stylist's profiles online. second, bijou was a great stylist, i got a fun cut at a really reasonable price. she was really sweet, chatty but not conversationally pushy; i also have to mention that she could have fit in my pocket & looked a lot like lily allen. i had a great experience at vain, i suggest checking it out if you're in the market for a new stylist.

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divya said...

Haha, I definitely approve. no false compliments from me! Great haircut. You've made me start thinking seriously about getting a haircut too.