90's r&b

i remember days when i belonged to a cd club & my collection consisted of en vogue, boys ii men, jade, swv, arrested development, tevin campbell & tlc. my girlfriends & i would do talent shows & make up dances on the weekends & after school; my favorite of all time was erin & my dance to motown philly by boys ii men. i also have strong memories of lying on my bed, thinking of my most recent crush & listening to weak by swv. black pudding by swv was such a "naughty" song... "now i may not be a lady but i'm surely a woman, so check it, the truth is in the pudding" & my brother told my dad that i shouldn't be allowed to get the color me badd album, because of the song sex you up.

sent by a friend today, my new favorite website, mixtape maestro. check out videos, discographies & stories about our favorite 90's r&b hits!

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