embroidered pillows - tutorial

i just recently finished the embroidered throw pillows for my new couch & decided to do a tutorial. i was surprised to find so few (easy to follow) patterns available online... here is my shot at it.

what you'll need:
18" x 18" pillow form
.75 yards fabric (washed) - I chose the amy butler print ivory/tree peony
embroidery floss
embroidery needle

to make:
  1. cut 41.5" x 19" rectangle of fabric
  2. select flower to embroider & follow outline (choose one that will be on the front square of the finished pillowcase)
  3. fold & pin a 1" hem along edge 1 (the 19" edge, leave edge 2 unfinished)
  4. pin .25" seam 13" from edge 1 & another one 18" from the first .25" seam
  5. sew hem & both seams - sew along dotted lines, i suggest a straight stitch, double enforced
  6. fold the rectangle into thirds (inside out with edge 1 under edge 2
  7. pin then sew .5" seams along edge 3 & 4 of the rectangle
  8. turn the pillow case right side out, there should be about a 4" overlap with the embroidered detail on the front of the pillowcase

for more pictures or a downloadable pattern go to my pics. please let me know if you would add anything to make the pattern or tutorial easier.

UPDATE: featured on craft: thanks to natalie dee

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Anonymous said...

I saw this on the craft blog. This turned out really nice. Your blog inspired me to start my own as we have been taking on many projects in the boredom of Arkansas.