lavender & weddings

as a handmade part of a gift for justin & yachi (who got married a couple weekends ago), stina & i joined forces for these sweet little lavender sachets. i received a big bunch of dried lavender from a coworker in august & decided to hand grind the lavender & use for sachets. after getting the lavender ready all i needed to do was:

1. cut 4 - 3.5"x3.5" squares of fabric (embroidery done at this point)
2. sew .25" hems on one side of each square
3. take two of the 4 pieces with patterns facing & sew .25" seams on the three, non-hemmed sides to make a 3"x3" pocket (repeat 3 for second sash)
4. flip right side out & fill 3/4 full with lavender
5. sew along the seamed edges (i did 4 scattered lines) to close the pockets

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kacey said...

Love love love them!!! kc