candy, gum, cigarettes

it wasn't as labor intensive as last year's costume, but here is how i made my 1920's cigarette girl costume come together.

purchased & borrowed:
- black halter dress
- back seam fishnet tights
- elbow length gloves
- black heels
- assortment of candy, gum & cigarettes

how i made:

pillbox hat
1. cut a 6" diameter circle out of a cardboard box
2. cut a 16" x 3" strip out of cardstock
3. circle the cardstock strip around the cardboard circle, secure using masking tape and staple the ends together with staples
4. spray paint the hat whichever color you like, i chose gold
5. let dry and use black book binding tape to create a black border along the top of the hat (this will make a seamless transition between the materials & add a nice detail)
6. secure a thin elastic band to the inside of the hat using book binding tape

concession tray
1. cut an 16" x 28" rectangle with 3" taps on each edge
2. using the black tape again, secure the edges together to create a tray
3. spray paint the tray
4. after it dries, use the tape to create an edge around the top of the tray
5. duct tape a bungee cord to the bottom of the tray & use an old purse strap to attach to the bungee cord hooks

it was actually pretty simple & the costume is a lot of fun, although people tend to steal things from you during the night. see more pics

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chriscla said...

It was super cute. Definitely a cool costume.