gettin' my kicks on the side

i dabble. in the past couple of months i have been lucky enough to work (both design & organization) with two nonprofits.

earth to table, a nonprofit that will act as an online marketplace connecting local agriculture producers & food buyers founded by my good friend ragan. i was really excited when she asked me to work on the design for the project. the team knew that they wanted something that was wpa poster inspired. my job was to select a typeface, color scheme & logo artwork. it was important for me to capture the essence of wpa stylings, with a touch of urban. we are still finalizing the design, the above artwork being the latest.

chicks play hard is something i got involved with last year as a group lead. it is a non profit organization that strives to build self-confidence in girls by providing them with a nurturing environment to try different activities. girls ages 9 to 13 participate in workshops led by high school students who are, in turn, mentored by women experts. this year i was asked to join in planning efforts from the beginning. i, of course, offered up my design services, creating postcards & posters announcing the event, in addition to finding volunteers, activities & donations.

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