here is a print that i made for nora. kacey & aaron hosted an event last weekend (in addition to a traditional catholic baptism) that honored and celebrated nora's spiritual exploration of the world. they asked a group of us to send something to dedicate to her on this special day, whether it be a book, a poem or just words of advice.

it took me a while to think of what to make & what i think makes me a more solid & spiritual person. i like birch trees very much right now; said to be tender by appearance, with unwavering strength inside (not to mention, i like the way they look in general). i decided to start with the creation of a birch forest. after that many ideas soared through my mind: a little girl hiding behind a tree or with her arms wide spread among them, when the word create came to mind; but more than just creating with your hands. my advice & dedication to nora is -

create; strength, ideas, opinions, community, power, love.

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