ipod cozie - a tutorial

after making one for myself a month ago, i decided to make ipod cozies for my etsy shop & post a tutorial for those interested. this cozy is intended for the ipod classic, although could easily be reworked for many other models.

sewing machine
at least a 16” by 8” rectangle of any light cotton fabric
.25 skein of yarn
size 7 knitting needles
jumbo tapestry needle
small hook
sewing needle

fabric liner
1. cut a 3.5” by 10.5” rectangle (pocket) & 4” by 3” rectangle (tab)
2. fold and press (with iron on hottest setting) along indicated lines for both pocket & tab
  • pocket – the back of the fabric will end up being the outside of the pocket, fold rectangle in half & fold each end down 1” with the back of the fabrics in.
  • tab – fold in half vertically, then fold in each side a half inch, creating a 4” by 1” tri-fold. the front of the fabric should be facing out.
3. sew along dashed lines with contrasting thread.
  • pocket – stitch along side a & b, creating a .25” seam
  • tab – sew along sides c & d, i did two stitches along each side
4. attach tab to outside of pocket, by sewing one end about .5” from top of one side of the pocket.
5. fold the loose end of the tab twice (.25” folds), creating a clean edge. sew over fold to secure.

knit shell (little rough of a tutorial, not a knitting pattern writer)
1. essentially you would like to end up with a tight knit rectangle measuring roughly 9.5” by 3.75”
2. i used size 7 knitting needles & with a wool acrylic yarn (4.5 st + 6 rows = 1” on size 8)
3. 64 - 16 k rows
4. when completed use the same color yarn & a tapestry needle to stitch up the sides. i like to start a the top left edge & work down then work up the second side.

1. slide pocket into the knit shell.
2. using a sewing needle & contrasting thread, secure the pocket by using horizontal stitches about .15” from the top of the fabric & .25” down on the knit shell.
  • it's important that excess yarn is tucked down between the shell & pocket.
  • after threading the needle, tie 2 ends with a triple knot. start the stitch from between the shell & pocket so that the ends will not be visible; finish the stitch the same way & tie off the thread.

if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or leave any comments. see more pics

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