a night of make believe

my apartment was dimly lit, the little light there was provided by the white christmas lights in my window. i put on my warmest sweater, riding boots & my new snowboarding jacket in preparation for the night. it started off at six arms with natalie & stina to get ourselves hot liquored bevs; my drink of choice: mcmenamin's coffee (whiskey, frangelico & coffee). imagine our surprise when santa walked into the bar! we all got a little giddy it seemed; i pulled out my camera to snap pics & he gave natalie her requested candy cane. divya showed up & we headed down to the meridian 16 to watch enchanted. the movie was sweet, entertaining, funny & incredibly ridiculous. although, i found myself being a cynic: "how'd he learn to dance," "why is he following her around," "why would she forgive him for supposedly cheating just because he had 2 doves fly her a heart wreath of flowers." overall the movie was pretty good (i imagine it would be even better if i was a 10 year old girl who dreams of being a princess) & the night of make believe was even better!

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