fabric stitched notecards

i decided to make stationary sets for my friends this holiday season & will also be selling them on my etsy site. i thought i would share the oh-so-simple process with you.

what you need:
80 lb card stock (8.5 x 11)
size a2 envelopes
small amount of any lightweight fabric
rotary cutter & matte
sewing machine

1. using whatever program you prefer, set up an 8.5" by 11" landscape file to print. each sheet fits two cards with .25" margins. *see template below
2. print the desired amount of cards
3. cut each in half (2 - 5.5" x. 8.5" cards) do not fold until indicated
4. cut the desired amount of fabric. for my cards, pieces were anywhere from 1" x 1" to 2" x 3".
5. position the fabric on the front of the card
6. using a smaller width needle for your sewing machine begin a zig zag stitch, half on the fabric, half off
7. lift the foot of your sewing machine at each corner to turn the card in order to stitch the next side
8. carefully pull the card from under the raised needle & trim the thread as close to the card as possible
9. fold card stock in half to create a 5.5" by 4.25" single fold notecard

helpful tips
1. use a thread that matches the paper
2. use a single stitch around the entire fabric piece
3. to package the set, stack envelopes & cards in a pile, wrap the set with a paper stick & close with a sticker of glue stick


shortoldlady said...

Those are adorable! Thank you for sharing!

mplsdeanna said...

Amazing how you made something so simple look so great!

Corris Little said...

Newsday's Cheap Thrills blog is linking to this post! Really great stuff. Thanks for sharing, Corris

dottie said...

thanks for linking corris! fun collection.

Miss Fruitfly said...

Great tutorial. I'm linking this to my blog. Hope that's cool.

dottie said...

great, you're always welcome to link!.

Anonymous said...

I [heart] this! Instead of printing out the "thank you" on the cards I am going to stamp them. I'm not a great sewer, though, and I hope that I can master the zigzag stitch!

AngryBunni said...

I think you are very courageous and selfless to not only post your creations but how to make them as well!! Aren't you afraid someone might plagiarize the idea? I love your blog.. I feel like I just stumbled across my own blog but the creator has short blonde hair as opposed to long & black.

I have a sewing blog in addition to graphics. Keep up the cuteness!!

<3 Crystal