petit pattern book - simple & natural

i was down in san francisco this weekend (i braved a nasty flu bug & ended up being the sick girl on the airplane) to visit two of my good friends. it was a really chill weekend; shopping in hayes village, eating at waterbar (thanks luke), house sitting in mill valley, hitting up the chinese new year parade and brunch & shopping in inner richmond.

we stopped into park life for a bit & i could've gone crazy in there! they had great t-shirt & book collections, great art in the back, fun jewelry & flasks & don't forget the plastic monkey face key covers that refrained from buying. i did however end up buying the simple & natural petit pattern book. i love it; each page shows the full pattern & contains a cd with eps & jpg files of each pattern for personal use on both macs & pcs. the patterns are outlined, which means they can be altered by size, shape, color, proportion, etc. most definitely a good purchase & only the beginning of my collection (they have other books such as scandinavian design, flowers, autumn & winter, etc).

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