high-waisted, button-front skirt

i saw this skirt by house of spy in lucky magazine a couple of months ago & was determined that i could make it myself. after a few sketches & planning out what my simplified skirt required, i headed to the fabric store, not sure of what i wanted. i stumbled upon some blue/grey stretchy canvas that resembled dickies material. i knew it would work.

i created a rough outline (pattern) based on my earlier sketches, drew it in chalk on the fabric & began cutting. i only cut out the basic shapes, leaving a lot of extra fabric at the top of the pieces because i hadn't figured out how the draw string or waistband was going to work. i was hoping that all of the details would come together after i was able to hold the basic shape to my body (i need a dress form, but think i would be frightened by it). i was happy to find out that they would. the adjustments go like this:

- 2" waistband with a split in the back
- 2.5" hem at bottom of the skirt
- two darts on back of skirt, each 4" from back seam
- 3 buttons down the front of the skirt (i am going to add some hiding snaps too)
- 2 darts on front of skirt, each 2.5" from the button panel
- faux draw string attached 2" from each end on the inside of the skirt, come to the front through buttonholes & tie

more detailed pics


Anonymous said...

you did an awesome job. love it.

Ms. Corcoran said...

love the skirt ann. nice work.

Hannah said...

I'm in love with the skirt and desperately need to make myself one !

How much material did you use?

dottie said...

i believe it was just a yard & a half of 60" fabric. my biggest advice is to wash the fabric first (i forgot to & the fabric faded severely). let me know if you have any questions & good luck.