what to do

it's almost tormenting. we've all heard about the quarter-life crisis, the kids of baby boomers, gen-yers; many of us are experiencing it ourselves. i have friends that have started their own companies, are moving across seas for the experience of living in europe, have traveled for 8 months straight in unfamiliar territory & others that have, in general, taken their time figuring out exactly what they'd like to do in life.

in the last couple of years, more so in the last year, i've found myself wondering what to do. i love my 9-5. the people are great, the work is meaningful, i'm learning & i'm right in the center of urban development & design in seattle. it's all the other stuff that whispers in my ear - sewing, interior decorating, graphic design, product design, paper & printing, color theory, pattern & textile development, pattern & tutorial website, creative management, retail, etc. how do we know where to turn or when to take a risk? should we try to do freelance & sell other design on the side? should we open a shop, start a website? should we buy a dress form or a gocco machine? should we get a better screen printing system at home? maybe we'll intern or work part time at a screen printing house. maybe we should take a class?

decor8 has started a series titled what to do. it focuses on the struggles of many creative types (i hate using that) deciding where to go next. i am enjoying reading this & falling further into my internal debate.

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