leather button ring

i saw something like this in my lucky magazine & was really excited to make one for myself. i had an old sterling silver ring base lying around that worked perfectly. i'm pretty sure that you could use a more standard ring base as well. the leather buttons i had were a bit off in size, so i lined & glued a bit of hot pink binding tape around the edge (which is not as noticeable in person). i then used needle nosed pliers to pull the metal button hook from the back of the woven leather button & secured it with super glue to the ring base. it's a little loose still - i may have to find a stronger adhesive. i just love it though.

my pinkie really is that crooked.


jillian said...

your pinkie rocks more than the ring! although the ring is pretty sweet too!

Stella said...

We have the same pinkie! (and love of rings)

lisa said...

E6000 is the stronger glue you are looking for. I know lots of jewelery making folks who use it. it works great but is really stinky at first. hope this helps