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m.a. belle is so lovely. ohhhhhh to be m.a. belle. michelle is the founder of rubie green & blogs from new york, ny. while she only blogs about 5 times a month, they are quality & beauty.

after getting her degree from michigan state (woot woot mi!), michelle went to work for domino. after realizing that there was a lack of eco-friendly, classic textiles she started rubie green & now carries beautiful, 100% organic interior & upholstery textiles.

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MABELLE said...

Hi Dottie!
Ok, what a COOL post to wake up to! I just stumbled upon this (while being a dork and eating my morning oatbran) and cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support :) You are too kind! Great blog (it shall be added to my blogroll as well;) and thanks again!

Xo MA.