mad men - season 2

yeah, yeah - people found out, people fell in love & people played it out, but i am so pumped for season 2 of mad men. ohhh, mad men & your beautiful opening credits, costumes, set design & plot lines, you return on sunday.


Tim Tremendous said...


Uncle Beefy said...

OMG...I am SO happy to have swung by to catch this!!! I had no idea, Dottie?!?! I am breathing a SERIOUS sigh of relief as I LOVE this show!!!

Did we meet at the Lab? Well, we shall need to next time...unless I'm forgetting? In which case a quick slap will suffice ;)

Thanks for the linkage :)

littlebyRD said...

I haven't seen the show - sounds like it good! Will have to check it out.