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here are 2 new albums that you have to pick up - erykah badu's new amerykah & santogold's self-titled album.

i saw erykah badu with the roots last night. amazing show (even though it was freezing & i found myself in winter jacket, hat & mittens) - it was the first time i had seen her solo & it was incredible. her new stuff is really energetic & full of great beats & she, of course, looked amazing - more on that later.

a friend had told me about santogold a few weeks ago & while in portland, i read an article about her in planet magazine. i was intrigued, sampled the album & bought it 2 seconds later. she is a philly-based artist being compared over & over to m.i.a. i see the comparison, but think she brings a different style as well.

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stacy said...

I'm so glad you mentioned Santogold! I just stumbled across her a few weeks ago. It was a ritual to get ready to in the morning for a long time. But I found myself needing a little extra time to allow for the booty-shakin time that always ensued....