portland trio

i spent the weekend in portland; among so many great sites, shops & restaurants, i'd like to highlight three as my places of the week.

first is the ace hotel, it would take me a day or more to tell you about how cool this place is. all of the architectural & interior details have such intention - from room numbers to the lobby photo booth, hand soaps to the mini bar, lobby terrariums to reused signage. even the lobby atm machine has a matching covering. beyond the tangible, the ace hotel has a really hip feel without being pretentious; people choose to hang out in the lobby, lounging on their comfy couch, reading a supplied stock of magazines & newspapers & of course, people watching. i shouldn't forget to mention that it's in a great part of town, reasonably priced, staffed with friendly people & next door to stumptown coffee, clyde commons & kenny & zukes.

portland modern in nob hill, you should go there. they have a lot (i mean a lot) of moderately priced mid-century furniture. i almost moved in.

finally is upper playground. we stumbled on this place while looking for an urban vinyl toy store. i bought two shirts & longed to purchase many more. i'm wearing this right now, bought this one too & almost walked out with this. this is one of 5 retail spaces for the upper playground collaborative, a group of photographers, illustrators, musicians & much more in california, oregon & the uk. the space has a lot of natural light, the walls of the store are filled with beautiful murals & 90% of the playlist was on my faves list.

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Nivekic said...

Hi Dottie,

I enjoyed reading your blog on Portland trio. I live in this area and I haven't been to the places you mentioned. I guess that's another reason to vacation locally this summer given high gas and airfare prices.
One thing I didn't see you comment was the restaurants in Portland. I'm a pretty big food connoisseur and would love to hear what friends from Seattle think of the food here. One great online tool I found is www.metroseeq.com, they incorporated yelp reviews on top of deal finding.