tired & energized all in one

i mentioned earlier this week that i've had house guests since the beginning of june & on wednesday of this week - the rest of my family arrived (from michigan via van) for the 7 lovely days. i'm taking the weekend through tuesday off & may skip my usual posts - ok, i'll probably blog anyway.

i am having a slumber party with my nieces & brainstorming on some craftiness for the three of us. i was thinking about mason jar terrariums for them to take home, because it's not a family road trip without something awkward & delicate to take back (i used to insist on a hermit crab every time we drove down to alabama for spring break). we're also planning to do some baking, nail painting, park playing & top pot donut eating.

i hope to have some fun stuff for you in the coming weeks, as i spend my days lonely, but gratefully creating.

the above image is from kanako sasaki, a beautiful photographer. her wanderlust collection is remarkable & romantic.

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Helen E.M. Wright said...

is it in Savannah, GA. where they have the custom of putting a pineapple in the guests room?

Rule goes, when the pineapple is past due...you have overstayed your welcome!!