the new slang

yup, it's one of those days - one of those days where i need some serious evening sun in northern michigan, riding my bike down a country road with feist playing in my head (or from the skies as far as i'm concerned). oh baby, the wings are wide.

after slicing the ball of my foot open tubing on saturday, last night i stepped right on a binder clip that stabbed directly into the wound. my foot is killing me, my knees are shot & i can't quit thinking about what to do next with my life.

i'm grouchy. i miss my parent's house on the lake, my family & pontoon rides before dinner. i miss a time when rent was $275 for a room in a beautiful craftsman & i lived with my 2 besties. i miss bartending & serving - i miss the grilled cyprus cheese & triple shot espressos that helped me through the night. i miss big girls & little girls - i miss the birg dog & eric.

i found amanda antilla's photos last week & was enamored with her seattle shots. with further exploration i found even more beautiful images of her, her trips & the world around her. while all are composed so well, some of them make me laugh, some put things in perspective & others make me feel like the world is so beautiful that my silly foot shouldn't get me down.

the above photo taken by the talented antilla (aka the new slang on flickr).


dottie said...

thanks nat - feist on sesame street!

littlebyRD said...

Beautiful pictures she's taken! Thanks for the introduction. Hope your day is better!

jess gonacha said...

ouch! sounds like no fun at all! and you'll figure out what to do next.... just wait, and it will come to you. :)
hope things are looking up!