this is the last one - i promise

some days i just can't stop - i find things that i want to share - quit picking on me.

kanye west - he's so styley.

jeans i want form j. crew.

beautifully colored photograph.

the photography of james merrell.

reality check - motivating prints from orange beautiful.

above photo courtesy of love forever - a salvage yard in berkeley.


alphanovem said...

Hello, I was wondering where you obtain the template design of your blog. Because I searching for a three division template. Can you tell me?

dottie said...

here is my post on doing it. http://stilldottie.blogspot.com/2008/04/tri-fecta.html

it's really important to update your blogger template to the newest version if it isn't already. that took me forever to find out.

good luck & let me know if you have any other questions. have a great weekend!