found city

bart & i went to santa cruz last weekend. needless to say i'm as red a lobster & completely convinced that i need to live in a beach town. we had such a wonderful time walking along the ocean bluffs, laying on the beach and strolling downtown. everything seemed so, california. california the way i imagined it as a kid; surfers scattering the beach, carnivals along a boardwalk, bright green yards in front of mid-century architecture. sighhh - i loved it. a couple other side notes: we went & saw tell no one at the nick, you must see; visit the red room if you are ever in santa cruz, you'll feel rebellious & sexy; get breakfast at the saturn, perfect breakfast spot - vegetarian greasy spoon with all the hippy love you every wanted at 10am; get some baked goodness at kelly's french bakery, located in an old brussel sprout packing warehouse; finally, visit natural bridges, it's gorgeous & a nice alternative to the hustle of the pier.


please sir said...

Looks like an amazing time!

DESIGN DIG said...

awww i love Del Mar!!!

The Lil Bee said...

These photos are awesome!! I love how you're red as a lobster but currently off to get s'more freckles!