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i stumbled upon this lovely old sign in petosky as kacey & i hunted down a place to get food & watch the sunset.

i arrived safely on saturday morning; it was a painful flight, but i was happy to be home, chatting with my parent aboard the new pontoon boat & basking in the sun. i've gotten to see most of my family, had the girls to fife, made it to petosky to see kacey (next time i hope to see more of nora & aaron), went to water aerobics with my mom & two aunts & picked up produce from the cherry street market. ahh. what will i do today you ask - be out on the lake with family, grilling, eating avacodos & fresh salsa, reading & dosing off. this is the life i tell you, this is the life.

i tried to upload more photos, but i can't deal with it, i'm on vacay & formatting is not happening properly.

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DESIGN DIG said...

Water aerobics!?! That is so rad!!!